Pastel Christmas Decor

pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-3 Hello, friends…I hope your week is off to a great start.

Today’s post will hopefully provide some inspiration and a few ideas as my dear friends and I share our living rooms decorated for Christmas with the help of the kind folks from Homegoods.

I love how each of us had similar items at our disposal, yet we were all able to come up with our own unique decor. That’s what I love about Homegoods (Homesense in Canada) – you never know what you’re going to find but there’s always something that suits your own style.

Admittedly, I have struggled this year trying to decide what I wanted to do with the tree and my decor. I think when you’re exposed to so many options on social media, you start to doubt your own skills and decisions and if you allow it, it can really stunt your creativity.  So I decided to just follow my heart, put blinders on and see where things led.


I started with these beautiful glass Christmas trees. They look like a mixture of milk glass and mercury glass and I just love how their appearance when grouped together. I placed some twinkly lights at the bottom, which – in my opinion – give them a magical look.

pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-29

Here they are without the lights. So pretty, right?

I’m always looking for ways to save money, so a few years back, I made THESE and still love them to this day. They would also work really well displayed in a similar manner.

pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-36
I also fell in love with the softness and the color of these faux fur pillows. I’m not sure what color this is as it’s like a mixture of gray and very soft blue. It served as the jumping point for the rest of my decor.

pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-31 pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-11

I think the price point on these was a mistake as they were super inexpensive. When the lady standing in line behind me asked me how much they were and when I told her, she stepped out of line and went back and got some for herself.

pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-5

And here is the whole shebang…

pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-9

I decided to do soft mints, pinks, golds and little splashes of magenta.

pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-10

I think the tree itself looks soft and pretty but I’m still a little insecure about it. I’m not sure what it is, but perhaps it’s because I feel so much pressure to surpass last year’s tree.

pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-12
I do love the softness of it and these gorgeous boxes, also from Homegoods were made for this look…:)

pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-13
The wrapping paper is also a great find, don’t you think?

pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-14 pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-15 pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-16 pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-18

pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-19

During this time of year, I need to sometimes remind myself that the main reason why we decorate our homes and fill them with sparkle is to honor the birth of our Saviour…

pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-21
…and believe that although there’s so much pain and heartache in this world, this season can bring us so much magic and joy.

pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-23 pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-25

This sweet little pitcher adds the perfect little sparkle to the tables.

I have to tell you a little story about this candle. While taking photos, I had placed it on the sideboard because I didn’t want the wax to spill as I was moving things around. But when I grabbed it to place it back on the table, I had forgotten that it had been on and the wax was still liquid. I grabbed it quickly and ended up spilling all the wax on the ground and over the carpet…:(

It was a horrible mess. Ugh. But at least the entire living room smelled good for the rest of the weekend. ha.

pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-26

pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-28 pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-30 pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-31 pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-32 pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-33

A few years ago, I started doing little ‘bouquets’ of ornaments. Instead of placing individual small ornaments, I group them into threes and tie them with some wire. In my opinion, they look tidier and make a bigger impact than when placed separately.  pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-34 pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-36 pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-37
Here’s a look at these adorable Christmas boxes again and some of the gold foil wrapping paper. I just love it!

pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-38 pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-39 pastel christmas tree craftberrybush_-2

pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-4 pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-6

And of course, our sweet pup has to make an appearance because he brings us so much joy!

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of Christmas. Please don’t forget to check out the rest of my friends below. They blow me away each and every week!

much love,


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  1. Elaine says

    Oh Lucy!!! …. it’s simply stunning!! This is what Christmas is all about! Creating a magical “Winter Wonderland” look is simply the best!! I love it all! The soft pastels, the snowy look, the pretty-ness of the pinks and icy blues, your sweet deer pillow, then the rustic contrast of your chunky wood coffee table! I love the clusters of balls idea … I did that with smaller balls on a mini tree but never thought to do likewise on the main Christmas tree. I have a fair bit of medium brown in my condo and use that same “icy-blue” color in accessories and like how it looks. I have always loved aqua with browns but everyone uses that color lately so I wanted a change from the norm. I sometimes refer to that icy blue color as “silver blue”. Congratulations on your beautiful living room!

  2. Joi says

    Just beautiful, Lucy! Never doubt your gifts, for you are very talented!
    This year, I am using red and tartan plaid…I haven’t used any red in my holiday decorating for 10 years now, so thought it might be time for a change!

    Happy Thanksgiving & many blessings to you & yours!

  3. Ruth says

    very pretty, but can you explain why you needed 30+ photos of the same space? as much as I love blogs and looking at photos, the repetitive photos of the same space at different angles is just so unnecessary.

    • says

      Because they are stunning and gorgeous. She takes such pride in her work (as she should!) and it’s SO great to see. To be honest, I’d like more photos. I can’t get enough. With so much negativity in the world, I could look at them all day. :)

      Love this, Lucy! Your decor, photos, work, and spirit make me so happy! Bring it on.

      xo Michael

  4. Mary says

    Lucy, you do not need to feel insecure about this Christmas tree, it is positively gorgeous!!! I love your color scheme, the pops of magenta are my fave. Great job!

  5. says

    Gorgeous, once again! Never doubt your talents. Each and every tree you do is special in its own way. I’m always so inspired by what you do. Hugs, and LOVE ALL OF YOUR PLENTIFUL PHOTOS!!! xo, Shauna

  6. Rebecca Turner says

    No need to be insecure. You have a wonderful eye and talent, which is obvious…and yes, you did improve on last year’s tree! One of the other commenters referred to it as a winter wonderland, and I think that is apropos. Your tree made me say, “Ahh!” Btw: thanks for the tip about wiring the bulbs in groups!


    Love everything…i’m reading the article on Romantic homes about you.

    Is the white “ball” gardland that i see in last photo with you dog something you made?
    There is another one similar on the cover of the magazine . Love the fox too……

    Have a great Holidays

  8. Lori Greenberg says

    You’re not gonna like this but I just read that Sabrina Soto from HGTV says pastels are “out” for decorating and the new trend is toward more “vibrant” colors.Personally I still like pastels and think they make for a cost atmosphere

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