Classic Gingerbread Cake


Happy Saturday sweet friends. I hope your weekend is off to a great start.  I’m excited to join my friends  on the Farmhouse Holiday Series, hosted by my dear friend Kristen.

Farmhouse Holiday Decor Series
Today we’re sharing Christmas recipes and I have a funny story to tell you about that… classicgingercake-3

I decided that for this post I wanted to create a very pretty White Christmas bundt cake. I had it all ready to go…


I had frosted it beautifully… classicgingercake-2

Made little Christmas trees out of fondant and pretzel sticks…. classicgingercake

Dusted it with a winter storm of icing sugar and then…………

Brody couldn’t resist how good it smelled and so he decided to help himself to almost half the cake!!!
I had stepped away for a minute or two to clean up the mess in the kitchen and I had placed the cake at the edge of the table when I heard some serious chewing and lip smacking. Ha
I have to be honest, I was upset that he had done this and I might have yelled ‘bad’ a few times.  He of course gave me the puppy eyes and I felt guilty for yelling. I didn’t ‘ talk ‘ to him for almost an hour, which for me felt like a lifetime.  Brody has always been such a good, good dog. Even as a puppy he hardly got into mischief.
Needless to say, I had to bake another cake because I hadn’t really taken photos for this post.

Look at that little angel face…ha


This time, I decided to go with a classic gingerbread cake, buuuutttt I cheated a little by using regular boxed cake mix and adding 2 1/2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon, 1 1/4 teaspoons of ground cloves and 1 1/4 teaspoons of ground ginger.


I baked two little cakes in 6 inch pans.  Once cool, I leveled them and place them on top of each other and gave it a light frosting using some cream cheese frosting.  The little gingerbread house were from a kit I got at Michaels. We made one to place on top but only decorated the front of the other ones and stuck them using some of the frosting.
Like I mentioned above, I used some fondant dipped in sugar and a pretzel to make the little trees. :)
Despite our little incident a couple of days earlier, I think it turned out so pretty and it also tasted delicious.

I have found that I don’t enjoy the baking process as much as the decorating the cake process…:) Look here…

Fauxknittedapplepiecrustcraftberrybush-8 Knitted pie crust 
caramel apple cake_-8

Rustic apple cake 


And don’t for get to Check out the rest of the recipes below…xo

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  1. Ardith says

    Brilliant comeback from a canine cake clash, Lucy. Both versions are gorgeous. I have to admit I understand why Brody risked some mom ire to feast on the first one. It must have smelled heavenly. Happy Holidays, Ardith

  2. Rynn says

    Loved your beautiful cakes and the hungry dog story too! Maybe as a new tradition, you need to bake Brody his own little gingerbread cake every year!

  3. Tracey says

    Hahaha! I love Brody! That made me laugh so hard. Dogs sure can be naughty but then that face always gets you in the feels. That cake is still beautiful.

  4. Sylvia Pelekane says

    You posted that you used a regular cake and then added spices…..but what type of regular cake mix? Yellow? White? Spice?
    Please advise, thank you.

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