Knitted Pie Crust


The cool days of fall are upon us and so too are cozy knits, apple pies and the fragrance of cinnamon and nutmeg.


We recently remodeled our kitchen and while I have yet to share the entire reveal, today you’ll get a good peek at it.


The remodel included new appliances, of which the new range oven has quickly become the family favourite. That may sound odd to some of you, but when you consider we went nearly 5 years without the oven working, it starts to make sense. Yes, the gas range worked and we relied on the BBQ quite a bit (even in the winter months), but not having a functioning oven meant we couldn’t bake anything. Needless to say, the kiddies are loving our new working oven and are trying to make up for lost time by looking to bake cookies and muffins every other day. Admittedly, their renewed love of baking has rubbed off on me, prompting me to try my hand at baking my very own pie. And without any adult supervision. Ha.

I say that because my prior experience baking a pie consisted of me passing my mom the ingredients and observing while she did most of the work.


So today, I wanted to share with first ever apple pie!


I know it’s hard to believe, but please don’t judge me.


As it was my very first pie baking adventure, I thought about doing something very basic and simple, but I’ve had this idea in my head of making a pie that looked as though it had been knitted and so I decided to give it a go.


What do you think? I know it’s definitely not perfect, but I love it so much. Perhaps because it’s my first attempt, or perhaps because it looks similar to what I had envisioned in my head.

Can I show you how easy it is to achieve this?


1. Cut strips of your dough using a pizza cutter. Unlike me, try to make them as even as possible.


Gently roll each strip into strands.


Twist two strands together going either clockwise or counter-clockwise.


And then another two strands going the opposite direction of the previously twisted pair (i.e. if the first pair were twisted clockwise, do the second pair counter-clockwise).


Join both twisted strands together to form a fishtail like braid.


Continue doing this until you have sufficient braids to cover an entire pie.



I also did a twisted strand around the pie, which unfortunately fell off while baking. My first #bakingfail…oops.


Perhaps I hadn’t pressed it down sufficiently? Any tips you might have would be appreciated.


Overall, I think it turned out fairly pretty, but before the kiddies could dig in, I had to stage and photograph it, which is one of my favourite things to do.


When taking photos, I rely on natural light but as the days get shorter and the sunny days are few and far between, it becomes difficult to achieve bright photos. So when my friends from GE Lighting contacted me to try their new reveal bulbs – which are designed to bring out colors and patterns that may normally go unnoticed under standard incandescent lights – I knew I wanted to put them to the test and see for myself. And well, I wasn’t disappointed.
Take a look at these unedited photos I took using the same camera settings. The photo on the left of my gorgeous new pendant lights has the new reveal Bulb, while the one on the right is a regular incandescent light bulb. I couldn’t believe the difference and love how the new bulb casts a light that shows the true colors of our kitchen even when the light is on.


It’s no secret that I love natural light and anything white and bright, so when it was time to remodel our kitchen, painting it white was a no-brainer. But what’s the point if regular incandescent lights only give off a yellow tint? That’s why these reveal bulbs are a perfect fit for me.


The reveal bulbs make colours bolder and whites whiter. Something I find truly helpful when painting and creating, since the kitchen doubles as my office.
And just for fun here are some more pretty photos…



I’d love to hear any pie tips you might have.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

much love,


PS. You can find the GE reveal bulbs at Walmart, Lowes or visit the GE website for more details.

Knitted pie crust tutorial by Craftberrybush


  1. RuthN says

    Hi, Lucy, May be a “teaching grandmother to suck eggs ” moment, but did you wet round the edge of the pie and the underneath of the edge-strip? Use a pastry brush, or a finger) ,& use milk or a bit of beaten egg. Don’t overload, a bit like putting too much glue on a surface doesn’t help it stick any better! Apple pie, a cup of coffee and a range-warm kitchen. Heaven ! :-D x

    • says

      Haha….that’s a funny saying…and to answer your question…no I didn’t. I realized after the fact, that I should have probably done that…ugh. Thank you so much for the tips, now I’ll know for next time…:) xoxo

      • Jo says

        You can also just use water. I use my finger and kind of rub the crust with the water – not smashing it but sort of making the water sink into the crust a little bit. Yes, you don’t want too much, but too little won’t do the trick. I love the braided look. I love the light bulbs. I l o v e your kitchen!!

  2. Cheryl says

    Love the kitchen. The pie is gorgeous. Only comment, all of those beautiful tools and bowls and you used an aluminum pie pan? Gotta upgrade that now! Need some beautiful pie pans for your lovely pies to reside it before being goggled up.

  3. Flick says

    I absolutely love it! Looks beautiful and delicious, so I think that’s definitely a win for your first attempt! You have inspired me to try this on the weekend :)

  4. says

    this is, by far, the most beautiful pie in the history of EVER,,,could you tell me how many pie crusts it took to make this many knitted rolls..? I want to make one for our home fellowship on Sunday…thanks so much…

  5. Gail Plaskiewicz says

    Oh my gosh! My mom & sister knit so I know what knitting looks like and it is your pie! It looks cozy enough to wear! LOL I’ve never made a pie before but I know what everyone said about the crust to be true. They know what they are talking about. Are you sure you’ve never made a pie before because that looks really professional to me.
    Those Reveal bulbs? We have some all over our house but not the ones you have because those are new. Ours look like regular light bulbs, the kind they made before they made those spiral ones that you had to be so careful of because if you dropped one and broke it, you had to get the guys in the hazmat suits to come to your house and you had to get out because they leaked toxic stiff. Before we got those Reveal bulbs and before I got an Ott Light, I would do beading and have trouble trying to find certain colors of beads. When we got the Reveal bulbs, it was like night and day. All the colors looked the way they did in sunlight. When my mom used to go to this knitting shop they would let her take yarn near the door on a sunny day because of the artificial light in the store. The colors always looked better that way. Your kitchen looks beautiful! I can’t believe you went without an oven for 5 years! I’d go bonkers without an oven! We use ours a lot.
    Thanks for letting us see your pie and your kitchen. They are both beautiful!

  6. Sara says

    LOVE the pie crust! That is an amazing first attempt! Like, really, REALLY impressive! And I second the tip of using water to stick pieces of crust together. I always have a little bowl of water handy when I make pies, for dipping my fingers in and dabbing on the crust wherever two parts join.

    I seriously can’t believe the difference those Reveal bulbs make! I am TOTALLY going to get my hubby to switch us to those! Can’t stand the yellowish light other bulbs give off. . .

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