Liquid Pour Ornaments – Marble effect

Hello friends. I hope you’ve been keeping well. It’s been a little quiet around the blog because as you know, we’re gearing up for the holiday season and it’s usually during this time that bloggers lose most of their hair. ha.
But in all seriousness, I’ve been working on some holiday content which I will start sharing sometime next week.
For today, I wanted to give you a little peek of what’s coming soon and that includes these pretty liquid pour ornaments with a marbled effect. I love the effect it gave these plain bulbs.


You will need :
Christmas bulbs
Pouring Medium
Metallic Paint from DecoArt 
Popsicles Sticks
Plastic Cups
Measuring Cup

MY LATEST VIDEOS I decided to use these pretty navy bulbs for more of a contrast. I took the hook off and placed them upside down on popsicle sticks inserted on some foam.

Mix one part pouring medium and one part metalli paint.

Pour into measuring cup like THIS
Pour over ornaments …
Allow them to drip down or move around to achieve desired look. Allow them to dry completely.
and that’s it! Super easy and so stunning (in my opinion)
I also painted a couple of larger ornaments with the same paint…

And took maybe too many photos…ha


Here are some photos for a post coming next week. I’m really liking these traditional Christmas colors this year… christmas2018-15 christmas2018-16 I used THIS metallic paint for the gold ornament and I love it. Here’s another little peak at next week’s post…

christmas2018-8 Thank you so much for stopping by today.

much love,



  1. Lori says

    Love this simple idea! It kind of looks like they are snow dipped…the white texture adds a lot to your navy blue bulbs.
    Can’t wait to see what is coming soon too:0)

  2. says

    marble is always fun and we feel creepy in getting one for us. Even your Christmas tree will get empty without marbles. After the Christmas party. because they look really cute !!

  3. Melissa Edwards says

    I love these ornaments! I have a question. The instructions say to mix equal parts metallic paint and pouring medium. What about the white paint? I am confused about how much to mix. Thanks again for the beautiful ornaments!

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