Acrylic Pour ‘Swirl’ Technique

Hello friends. I hope you had a nice weekend. We had plans to visit family this weekend but unfortunately, we’re experiencing an ice storm and so we had to postpone.
I was surprised to find out that our son’s championship soccer game was still on Sunday so we woke up early to attend.  I’m happy to report that his team won!
Hubby has been coaching him since he was 3 years old and it’s one of the highlights of my week to see them on the field.  They now have about a month off before the outdoor season starts, however, if the weather continues this way, I’m not so sure when winter will be over. :(

Today, I’m super excited to share with you this amazing yet easy art technique.  I  tried  acrylic pouring or ‘dirty pours’ years  ago and most recently last year when I wanted to create some art for my summer gallery wall.


You can find more HERE acrylicpour-4
This method, however, is a little different in that the pouring technique is a little more controlled.   I do have to warn you that once you try this , you’ll be addicted. I can almost promise that.


I first tried it on this small 5×7 canvas just to test it out. Here is a short video of the process.

I used the same technique for this box as well.

And finally, I had mustered enough courage to try it on a larger scale. However, I didn’t have any large canvas at hand so I used a piece of cardboard which I cut into a circle.

Here is a close up of the rings.  I love it so much. It fascinates me how the paint eventually settles onto the canvas. This one kinda reminds me of the earth or some sort of planet.




DecoArt Acrylic paint of your choice
DecoArt Pouring Medium 
Plastic cups
Canvas or any other surface
Wooden Stir Sticks
Paper Towel
Measuring cup


Please note that this process is pretty messy so get ready to get dirty. No wonder it’s also called ‘dirty pour’.


1. Pour 2:1 paint to medium into cup and stir. Mix as many colors as you like.
2. Slowly pour paint into measuring cup, one color at a time along the side of the measuring cup.
TIP: The colors will pour out backwards IE. the first color your pour into the cup will be the last color on the canvas. In this case, I poured the pink first and the white last, therefore the white pours out first and the pink last.
3. Use the spout of the measuring cup to pour paint onto canvas. Pour the paint using a very slow circular motion. This motion is what creates the beautiful rings.
4. Tilt canvas to spread paint across surface.

5. Sit back and watch in amazement the paint settle onto the surface.

The surface will take about 24-48 to dry completely.

acrylicpour-21 acrylicpour-22


Like I mentioned before, I used a large piece of cardboard that I cut into a circle and I attached a tab to the back using hot glue to hang.


Isn’t it amazing? DecoArt also has a clear pouring TOP Coat  which you could add to your piece and it creates a high-end glossy finish.   acrylicpour-12 acrylicpour-14 The results are stunning and you never know how it will turn out!


Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you give it a try. Please let me know if you have any questions at all.

Much love,



  1. Jeanne says

    Well that is just the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! For someone like me who would love to do some DIY art, but who can’t hardly draw a stick man, this is genius- and so beautiful! You are such an amazing artist and I admire your work. I’m so excited to try this!
    Thank you for sharing- the video is perfect- it would have been so hard to explain and understand the process in written form.

  2. Linda says

    As usual, you make it look so easy! I really like this technique, may have to give it a try. I was just thinking that I need to lighten it up for this time of year. What a perfect, inexpensive way to replace the Fall art. My house is so “stale”!!!

  3. Maggie says

    I just have to pitch in – this is by FAR the prettiest and most creative DIY project I’ve seen around blog-land! I am floored and coming from a fine arts background, that doesn’t happen very often. The technique is so clever and the results are so professional. They’re all lovely but the square blue & brown stopped me dead in my tracks. Brava!

  4. Kristine Robinson says

    You’ve inspired me to give this a try! Thanks so much for the video and great post. The swirl art looks great on your mantel!

  5. michelle says

    You amaze and inspire me every time you post. Can you give more detail how you did the round centerpiece? It is absolutely stunning The colors are so vibrant and beautiful. I love everything that you do, thank you! Any plans for a book in the future?

  6. says

    I adore the piece you did on a round cardboard wanting to do something very similar fir a wedding gift for my sister..what can you a newbie
    Love your work Lucy

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