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Hello friends. I hope your week has been going well. Hubby was away again and usually that means my days feel much longer but it also means that I don’t have to shower or cook elaborate meals.I think he would argue the ‘elaborate meals’ part. Ha
But is it just me or do meals seem a little more relaxed when your partner is away?
I’m also excited for him to see our new tan leather sofa.

Surprise honey!!!  Actually, he knew that my friends from Article and I had partnered again and he loves this couch as much as I and Brody do.
I knew that the contrast between the tan leather and the dark shelves would look great. I love the look and it reminds me of an old cigar room. Even though I’ve never been into a cigar room, I think this is what it would look like. ha

I also added a few logs of birch firewood to the bottom shelves. I’m very tempted to do the entire right side.  I’m not too sure yet. I was worried about little critters in the wood. There was no ‘visible’ bugs and I sprayed the wood with bug spray outside prior to bringing it in.  Fingers crossed. (Also, after seeing these photos I’m convinced that I will be painting the baseboards the same color of the shelf.)
You can find the lamp HERE


We had two leather couches while the kiddies were growing up and I know first hand how practical they are when it comes to being long lasting and resistant. Our kiddies are older now so I don’t have to worry about that but
in case you were considering a new leather couch. I can certainly recommend this one. It’s super comfortable, soft and big enough to lay on and great price point.

I kept the gray on the other side and I like that it tones things down. We have plans to do some pretty moulding to this side of the room and I can’t wait to get it done and share it with you.
That amazing blanket ties it all together don’t you think?
I love the lines on this couch because it’s not toooo modern or too traditional. It’s just right.
I also like how it coordinates with the rug.
camelcouchdarkwallscraftberrybush.com-5 camelcouchdarkwallscraftberrybush.com-6

You can find the coziest alpaca blanket HERE. It’s also from Article.   camelcouchdarkwallscraftberrybush.com-7

Here’s another look at the logs. What do you think, should I do the entire wall or do you think it would be too much brown? camelcouchdarkwallscraftberrybush.com-8

camelcouchdarkwallscraftberrybush.com I also have to consider that I might place the Christmas tree there and I’m going for a more elegant Christmas look in this room this year so it might be too much of a clash?  hmmm.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

much love,



  1. Shawn says

    I think the amount of wood on the shelves is just right. I might be tempted to use less even because of the chance of termites. The couch and coffee table look great together, same tapered legs, but you already knew that! Love the floor lamp! Would appreciate if you could provide the source.

  2. Kristy says

    Looks beautiful! I would leave the wood at the level it is now. Looks like Brody knows how handsome he looks with the new decor! Could you please supply a source for the plaid blanket? Thanks!

  3. Teresa says

    What a change, in a world of light and bright you my friend step away and created a room of gray, wood, and browns.

    Beautiful changes.

  4. Pamela says

    Just lovely! I have dark wooden shelving on either side of our wooden fireplace, and am now tempted to paint them. I have been debating colour for a while now (four years!! ). White? Off white? Black? Dark grey? The inner debate continues…. Just wanted to drop a quick first time note to say how much I enjoy your blog. You are truly talented. I think your decision to colour the baseboard on that wall is a good one. It will help make everything look more built in and custom. I agree with the general consensus about the amount of stacked wood. Could your Christmas tree go where your fiddle leaf is? They are pretty hardy plants and can handle less light for quite a while. We close up our house in December and head to Florida until April, and our fig and all other house plants go in our ensuite for months with minimal light. It’s the only room we keep fairly warm while we are away (plants are placed on counter, in tub, and shower for easy watering by family who check on place).

  5. Nancy Davies says

    The amount of wood is just right in my opinion. I totally agree with your leather couch comment. I have one very similar to yours and it is so comfortable and its style will look great many years from now.

  6. Donna says

    It’s besutiful! The wood looks perfect like it is I think. Do you have a link for sofa or coffee table? Can’t wsit to see your tree up in there. Is that a new dining table with the white plates? I must have missed the post when you changed the white one. I wish we had thst store Canadian Tire here. Can you tell me if the Midnight paint is flat or eggshell?I can’t tell in the picture.

  7. Sue Stanley says

    I too would like to know where to get that plaid blanket. It would go perfect in my family room. Also, in the pictures of the vases with the tree stems, are they real and if so how long do they last?

  8. Andrea says

    You have the absolute best style! I loved your house light and airy and may love it even more dark and moody! I’d leave the amount of wood and definitely paint the baseboards dark.

  9. Donna says

    I e your living room and this dark color so much! It looks great with the sofa and Christmas tree . Did you say what color the paint is ? If you did I. Can’t find it now. Would you tell me what the color is . I’ve been wanting to paint mine and this color is so great????

  10. Ann says

    I like the sofa very much, but I’m curious why you dont mention in your review that you were given a deep discount on the price of the couch on exchange for promoting it.

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