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Hello again friends. How is your week so far? I’m missing our boy badly and my eyes are still pretty puffy from crying all weekend. But I’m sure that I’ll get used to our new norm so I’m hanging in there.

Even though it doesn’t feel like fall outside yet, the kiddies are back in school and our summer is unofficially over. Which means it’s time to bring in some fall decor.
I’m excited to be joining my friends again to bring you a little autumn inspiration. We’re starting with fall in the kitchen.  fallkitchencraftberrybush-18
I don’t really change my decor in the kitchen except for maybe adding some pumpkins and bringing in more of my copper pieces.


I  found pumpkins at our local nursery yesterday and was happy to bring some home…  fallkitchencraftberrybush-22
I had forgotten I had a copper kettle and how much I love it. :)


The only thing I hate about fall is that our sweet Brody is miserable during this time of year. He has seasonal allergies and he can’t stop scratching, sneezing and all that good stuff…:(
We’ve always given him Claritin but it wasn’t really helping so we changed it to Benadryl, which unfortunately makes him sleepy. But it’s either that or a cone and I just can’t handle seeing him with a cone.
Can you imagine how torturous it would feel not to be able to scratch an itch?  My poor baby. As much as I dislike the cold weather, the only thing that will bring him complete relief is the first frost. So I can’t wait for that. :(
fallkitchencraftberrybush-25 fallkitchencraftberrybush-27 fallkitchencraftberrybush-28


fallkitchencraftberrybush-16 fallkitchencraftberrybush-2

fall kitchen craftberrybush-3
Originally I only had this Japanese maple branch my sister cut for me from my mom’s yard. I love the colours and the simplicity of the space.  fall kitchen craftberrybush-4 I find fall one of the easiest seasons to decorate for since all you really have to do is bring natural elements in.

fallkitchencraftberrybush-15 Just put some pumpkins and some cabbage on in old bushel and it’s perfect.
fallkitchencraftberrybush-19 Or gather a few pumpkins in a bowl with a little eucalyptus and you have a beautiful little centerpiece.
And of course some sunflowers and some apples and you have instant fall. :)

fallkitchencraftberrybush-25 Well that’s all I have for now but I know you’ll find so much more inspiration from my friends below.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. xo


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  1. Jamie says

    Hi Lucy!
    I haven’t left a comment for you before so, first of all, I really enjoy your blog and glean great ideas and inspiration. But secondly, my heart hurt for you with taking your son to school. I remember doing that very thing with my son 5 years ago and my daughter 2. I cried for the entire 7 and 11 hour drives home respectively. I spent weeks feeling sorry for myself and just laying in their rooms aching to see them. But when I did, each time there was/still is so much growth in them as people, they were happy (that one took my son a semester – he struggled at first), and they were succeeding. Their path to adulthood was stymied at home. Not because I wanted to do that to them, but bc they needed to discover what they were capable of on their own. You’re right, you will get used to the new norm, but you will never stop missing them. It’s just what we moms do. But try to enjoy watching your child become the adult that you raised them to be. You will be so proud of them and yourself. Its entirely cliche, but you gave them wings, they will fly away but they will come back, even stronger for having used them. Oh, you’ll likely cry every time you leave them. I’ve cried each time for 5 years now. You spent all this time doing your very best for them so they could do just this, and never stopped to think about how it will affect you when they do exactly what you raised them to do. If any of us had, we may not have let them go knowing the pain it would cause. So be gentle with yourself and have a bunch of chocolate – it helps. ;)

    Also, I’m sure you hear this all the time, your art is beautiful. Truly.

    All my very best.

    • says

      I only had this Japanese maple department my sister reduce for me from my mother’s backyard. Simply put some pumpkins and a few cabbage on in vintage bushel and it’s best. I like the colors and the simplicity of the gap.

  2. says

    Lu you have such a gift, the pumpkins are such a lovely touch and your pretty blue island is my favorite! Can’t wait to enjoy all your seasonal inspiration, xo…

  3. Tracy says

    Love that there is more red than orange in your Fall colours. I’ll have to try that. I too have blue in my kitchen, and it looks so lovely in yours. I’ll have to find a plaid blanket like the one you have draped over the chair too. Perfect!

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