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  1. I think my favorite beets are the ones you have right there…just styled for a pic! The ONLY beet recipe I’ve ever really liked is when I had it as a salsa! It was actually amazing! Usually they are just a tad on the “earthy” (AKA tastes like dirt) side for me 😉 Your kitchen looks gorgeous, as per usual. Enjoy the rest of family day, Lucy!!

  2. I was just thinking while scrolling through your photos how much I love the blue island. It looks especially lovely next to your rug.

  3. Hey, I was finding plants to decorate my kitchen which should go absolutely with my place and your idea of planting herbs in the kitchen was really very innovative. I am really impressed with your opinions. Thanks for your suggestions!!

  4. It was really cool to know. What could you recommend me for because I think it would be useful for many people who like to implement something new in their daily life. Hope that you understand me.

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