Crepe Paper Tulip Surprise


Hello again friends. I hope your week is off to a great start. We had a long weekend which always makes Tuesdays twice as tough to get going.  Even though we’re still in the thick of winter, we’re starting to see the
temperatures rise a little bit which always brings great hopes for Spring. Well, today some of my friends and I, are sharing some spring ideas.
I made this craft a few weeks ago and I’m excited to share it with you today.


This adorable little tulips have a little secret inside. I was inspired by THIS post, I did a couple of years ago but I decided to do something a little more Springy…. crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-3


Here is the surprise….


Chocolate eggs
Plastic wrap
Hot glue
Pink crepe paper
Green crepe paper
White crepe paper
Watercolor or acrylic brown paint
1. Take some chocolate eggs or any other treat you want and make a little bundle with plastic wrap. Secure with tape.  crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-23
Insert some wire to the little bundle and secure with tape.  crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-24
Take some white crepe paper and wrap the little bundle. Secure with hot glue or tape.
Cut a thin strip of green crepe paper or use floral tape and wrap around wire.  crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-26
Wrap all the way to the top.


Using brown paint, paint bulb of the tulip and allow to dry.  crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-28
Cut several petal shapes making sure the grain run up and down.  crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-29
Gently ‘cup’ the petals with your fingers.  crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-30
Glue petals around wire.
Continue to glue petals all around.  crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-33

Cut several long leaves… crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-34

And attach to the stem and there you go…:)  crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-4 crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-5 crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-6 crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-7 crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-8 crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-9

I even added a few roots to this one just for fun…:)  crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-10 crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-11 crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-12 crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-13 crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-14 crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-15 crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-16 crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-17 crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-18 crepepapertulipsurprisecraftberrybush-19

You can enjoy these as a treat before or after dinner…:)



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  1. Elaine says

    These tulips are absolutely adorable, Lucy!!! What a genius idea and you make it look so easy! When I was a young mother, I made some large crepe paper flowers (they were popular in the early 70’s) … I think I’ll pretend I’m young again and make these for Easter. Thank you so very much!

  2. Colleen says

    Very cute and “Springy”. Such a soft shade of pink. I, like Elaine” made big crepe paper flowers (likely in the very early 70’s or late 60’s, so it’s nice to see that again. I didn’t even know they still made crepe paper! Michael’s?

  3. Colleen says

    Oh yes! Lucy..may I ask where you got your pretty white plates ? Not sure what they are called…hobnail perhaps? They are lovely!

  4. Lisaerica says

    Oh my goodness Lucy, everything looks stunning! If you didn’t share that the tulips were handmade no one would ever know. I mean even the roots, amazing. Loved your veggie post as well.I thought they were store bought, you did an incredible job on them. I certainly don’t have the patience to make them, but I’d love to buy faux tulips and attempt the bulb with the chocolate surprise. By the way those small hard shell Cadbury eggs are my favorite. I wait every year for them to come out. I was decorating my dining table yesterday. I’m going to share it on Instagram, I just have a few little touches to finish first. Thanks for sharing and always inspiring

  5. Michele (Finch Rest) says

    Holy moley – this is the best craft post I have ever seen.

    You are amazing, genius, talented, inspiring,incredible
    and so artistic with photography skills to die for.

    Thank you so much for you. You change the blog world
    in so many wonderful ways. This is so cool!


  6. says

    Absolutely lovely, Lucy! This project is so creative and beautiful! Your photography is stunning, as usual! And those mini eggs are my cryptonite – I get pretty excited when they start showing up in stores for Easter!

  7. says

    Lucy! This is absolutely gorgeous and the sweetest idea! I am absolutely in love with it! What a beautiful idea for your Easter table:) Thank you so much for joining in on this hop!

  8. says

    Lucy!! Sooooo pretty. This makes me a bit nervous tho. Those easter eggs? They are so delish…. I’m afraid I would have to ‘test’ them to make sure they tasted great before working. Then, of course, test them while creating. Then, uhm…there would be no eggs for the craft. The struggle is real. xo Lynne

    P.S. Thank you for the inspiration. GORGEOUS.

  9. Sara says

    I love this SOOOOOOOOOO much!! What a clever and creative idea, and what a beautiful result! I definitely have to do this someday. Where do you buy your crepe paper?

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