How to make Peonies out of Carnations

Happy Tuesday friends. I hope your week is off to a great start!
Last year I had the honour to attend SNAP and help manage the FloraCraft booth. Our booth was reminiscent of a cute little flower shop, where anyone could stop by and make their own little bouquet.
To save on cost, we had ordered carnations and other less expensive flowers, but I vowed that I would make an effort to bring Carnations back. The colors nowaday are so soft and pretty and the best part is that you can
actually make them look like peonies if you bunch them together.
I simply took five separate carnations and secured them with tape like so…





I mean, they don’t technically look exactly like Peonies but they do resemble them, don’t you think?
Specially when you look at them from above.
blushlivingroomcraftberrybush-5 blushlivingroomcraftberrybush-7 blushlivingroomcraftberrybush-8 I love this peachy pink and how sweet this little arrangement looks.

I think these will do until Peony season….:)



  1. Amy in KC says

    I love carnations! And I love what you did with the arrangement to make them look peony-esque. I agree that carnations should make a comeback.

  2. Sandy says

    I am not usually a fan of carnations, but love what you did!!! I may just have to try it myself!!! Thanks for the idea!!

  3. Gail Plaskiewicz says

    I love flowers but we have mutant ninja squirrels in our yard and they have ruined everything I try to grow. However, if I could get flowers like these, I wonder if the squirrels would bother them? They look so pretty and remind me of spring. It was below 0 for about 2 weeks and it was so darn cold! I hated to even go out of the house to get the mail and it’s not a long walk to our mailbox. Today it was almost 40 and there was this young kid waiting for a ride I’m guessing and he had shorts on and sandals, no socks and me, I’m all bundled up. I don’t know how these young kids can wear summer clothes in the winter!
    Thanks for showing us your pretty flowers and how you did them. Can’t wait for your next e-mail!

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