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Hi. Me again! Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you have been enjoying the amazing home tours so far. There sure is a lot of inspiration out there and it can sometimes get a little overwhelming. I always need to remind myself that your home is the best place on earth and what matters are the people you share life with and not what it looks like in the inside. Having said that, I have always enjoyed decorating  and cleaning the house.
I don’t thrive when my house is messy and in fact, I can’t seem to concentrate and because of that, I thank God for doors that can be shut so you can’t see the mess. IE. the laundry room, the kid’s room and often times my closet.  Nobody is perfect.
Well, today I’m joining some of my talented Canadian friends as we share our homes all dressed for fall.
I shared our front porch yesterday and our living room a couple of days ago HERE
falllivingroomcraftberrybush-41 If you’re a regular here, then you might know that I have changed this room around a bunch of times trying to decide on this year’s fall theme. You can read more about that HERE.  fallfrontporchcraftberrybush.com-8 well I ended up leaving the blues and camels instead of my original plan of using pinks and blues. Mostly because I’m a bit of a ‘rebel’ and I saw that the pink seemed to be trending and I’m not a fan of following trends. ha


fallfrontporchcraftberrybush.com-7 falllivingroomcraftberrybush-45 falllivingroomcraftberrybush-42
Here is a fun little centerpiece idea. I just placed some kale in some vintage crocks and I think it looks so pretty and simple.
Let’s move on to the part of the home you haven’t seen yet shall we?………….
This is our family room and I also changed it a million times but here’s what it looks like now. I honestly didn’t want to go fall overboard so just a few simple touches here and there… fallhometourcraftberrybush-48
I found some pretty silver dollar eucalyptus at my local flower shop. This type of greenery here can get pricey so I didn’t buy too much of it. But I do love it so.  fallhometourcraftberrybush-47 fallhometourcraftberrybush-45
Again, I wanted the shelves to be super simple and not to look cluttered… fallhometourcraftberrybush-44
It’s funny when I saw this photo, I realized that this particular pumpkin looks more like a watermelon than a pumpkin. I wish they would catch on that we prefer pumpkins with beautiful stems.
I’m pretty sure that’s not their priority when they’re harvesting pumpkins. “Just remember, nice and easy on the stems, bloggers need beautiful stems” …ha
Blue velvet will always win in my books…:) These are inexpensive from Ikea and I really should own one of each color. Hubby works minutes from IKEA and I definitely don’t take advantage of that.
Next time he’s leaving work and asks me if I need anything, I should say, “yes, can you pick up X from IKEA?”
fallhometourcraftberrybush-41 fallhometourcraftberrybush-40 fallhometourcraftberrybush-38
This room opens up to the kitchen…. fallhometourcraftberrybush-37
You can see more of the kitchen in THIS post.  fallhometourcraftberrybush-32 Super simple and airy… fallhometourcraftberrybush-36 fallhometourcraftberrybush-34 fallhometourcraftberrybush-30 fallhometourcraftberrybush-29 fallhometourcraftberrybush-33 fallhometourcraftberrybush-28 fallhometourcraftberrybush-50 fallhometourcraftberrybush-18
I need to tell you about my newest obsession…. fallhometourcraftberrybush-19
This GORGEOUS vintage rug from New England Loom . Their rugs are personally hunted down and curated by the owners.  fallhometourcraftberrybush-26


They are pre-owned and vintage by nature and this particular one is stunning in person.

Again, thank you so much for stopping by today. I special thanks to my friends Christina and Shannon for putting this tour together.

Please don’t forget to visit my friends below.


Much love,




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  1. says

    I know that no one is perfect… but you make that really hard for me to believe. :) Your home is always so stunning and fresh – just the right amount of contrast and textures, perfect balance of colours amazing symmetry- inspiring beyond belief! To this designers eye your home is what decor magazines strive to be! And having met you IRL your down to earth and humble manner make you my friend (if not perfect) just right! I love that you throw trends out the window, I love going against the stream too! This tour is just beautiful, simple words don’t seem to do your designs justice – it’s always such a pleasure when you invite us in – thank you! Hugs to you and your handsome Broody! xoxo

  2. says

    I think the way you’ve styled your bookcases and mantel is my favourite yet. Of course, everything looks so beautiful (including you) and I’m always so inspired by what you do. I agree on the closing doors part. My office is a huge mess right now :( Happy Fall, my friend!

  3. says

    Your home is always beautiful regardless of the season. Everything is so beautifully curated and displayed.

    I have a question about the dusters you used for your Christmas tree last year . Can you tell me where I can purchase them? Are they feather dusters?

    Thank you for always bringing me smiles when I see your home.

  4. says

    Beautiful as always Lucy! I’m loving the navy and touches of colour, everything looks so pretty. I’m especially LOVING that knit-looking rug in your living space. Gorgeous.

  5. says

    Stunning fall tour, Lucy!! I always love how light, bright, and fresh your home feels no matter the season. I think the camel and blue will be trending next year- you set the trends for the pinks last year! And that runner in the kitchen is to die for!!

  6. Gail Plaskiewicz says

    I love how your house looks all the time. It always looks pretty and neat and tidy. Wish I could say that about ours but it never looked like yours. Well, okay, maybe years and years ago. I can’t wait to see what you do for Christmas.

  7. says

    I need that runner in your kitchen! I always love how bright and airy your home is. It makes me whistful for the day when I own a home and am not renting a tiny little box.

  8. Catherine Anderson says

    Just so lovely! I love all the subtle touches! Can you please tell me where your sofa is from?

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