Cactus Easter Egg


Egg Cactus Craftberry Bush  (1 of 1)-2

Hello friends…I hope you had a nice weekend.

I was recently browsing through Pinterest when I came across my old cactus rock project, prompting today’s post. It was a spontaneous idea; the kind of idea that just hits you and you feel the need to drop everything you’re doing to tackle this brand new ‘genius’ idea. Well, perhaps the idea that I could replace rocks with painted eggs that look like cute little cacti is not “genius”, but you know what I’m saying.


Egg Cactus Craftberry Bush  (1 of 1)-5

These are just simple craft eggs, which I painted in various shades of green and hot glued together. For some – like those pictured above – I cut a little bit of the bottom of the top egg so it would fit into the top of the bottom egg.

Egg Cactus Craftberry Bush  (1 of 1)

While for others, I simply used some of the foam eggs (pictured HERE) and hot glued them together.

Easter Cacti Eggs

Super cute and fun, right?

Egg Cactus Craftberry Bush  (1 of 1)-3

I think these would be so fun to do with your little ones as it’s a fun take on your traditional Easter eggs.

Here are some of my favourite Easter eggs from previous years


goldeandmintEastereggcraftberrybush Aqua and gold Easter Eggs

butterflyeastereggscraftberrybush Butterfly Easter Egg


  1. Gail Plaskiewicz says

    I love it! They aren’t real eggs and they aren’t cactus but they look like both. I had a friend once who had 2 cactus, cacti? and she named them can & tus. How cute is that? I love your crafts!

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