Watercolor butterflies Easter eggs and a little magic






watercolorbutterflyeggscraftberrybush butterflyeastereggscraftberrybush

I don’t have a lot of words today. Perhaps it’s because there is a long to do list sitting
in front of me and as I glance at the time, I realize it is once again winning the race.
So today, I just wanted to share some sweet little eggs I had painted a couple of days ago.
Sometimes I see these whimsical ideas in my head and I need to see them come to life.
Creativity has no limits and when you allow your imagination to take flight, you enter
into a world of wonder. And why not? We could all use a little magic in our lives.

Have a beautiful day my sweet friends.

much love,




  1. says

    Your watercolors are just so very gentle, delicate, and delightful! It seems as though these butterflies will drift right off my screen and fly around the room. Thanks for making me smile.

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