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weekly July calendar
Wax scented sachets
Canoe printable
Faux terrarium 




DDD 7.2

Live Edge Slab Table : DIY Sandbox with Cover




This week on Love Grows Wild...

Old Door and Office Sign
Perfect Pasta Salad
Mushroom Swiss Burger






Summer Party Food
The Best Recipes for Summer Parties


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After Labor New Mom Gift Basket

After Labor Mommy gift 




GRILL-CART-FINAL-1 DIY rolling grill cart 





Dresser Makeover by Brepurposed




DIY Console Table from Pearl Girl Creates


ChocolateDippedStrawberryRedWinePopsicles Chocolate Dipped Red Wine Popsicles


  1. Judi Johnson says

    I have been enjoying your ideas for quite awhile now and I just need to share something I did using your Canada print. I have been looking for a paper with texture that I could print on. One that I could afford. I am a shopper of Hobby Lobby (only big craft store in my town) and frequent their scrapbook paper aisle. They have a textured paper that I have long wondered if I could print on it. One day decided to buy a few sheets to try. I used your canoe print. And totally freaked out when came out of the printer. It is beautiful. The texture of the paper gives it a canvas look to it. With your design and my paper it is so beautiful. I went back to Hobby Lobby and bought a dozen more sheets to print out on. While there I bought me a chip board house to make the faux terrarium. I am beyond excited to see how mine turns out. So Thank you for the prints and all I can say is keep them coming. Especially the water color and the painted looking ones.

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