Summer Open house tour with Bhome


Hello sweet friends. I hope your week is going great so far. I’m joining some of my Bhome friends as we open the doors to our homes and welcome you in.
And there is also a sweet surprise at the end of this post from our friends from Painted Fox Treasures.





If you are new to Craftberry Bush, welcome!  I am so happy to have you here. I hope that within these photos you will find some inspiration and decor ideas for your own space.
But most importantly, it is my hope that when you leave, you leave empowered to create a home that is true to you and your family, a home that speaks love. Not because of the neatly positioned chairs or the fancy chandeliers but because of the laughter, memories and warmth that your home brings you.


If you are a regular reader, than you might have already met our Aussie pup Brody. He likes to greet our company at the door, though not always this poised or still.



This is the view from our living room, as you can see, the doors open right to the living room, so we had to come up with a little area where we could throw our coats, keys, shoes, school bags, soccer balls, groceries….well you get the idea.


Hubby and I built this bench/coat rack a couple of years ago and I still love it.


This little space has definitely served its purpose.

And I of course love decorating it according to the seasons…


Did you get a chance to download your free buggy printable yesterday? If you haven’t yet, please go HERE .
The link will expire on June 30th, so you might want to get your print before then.


I’m a little obsessed with blue again this year. You can see how I used blue last year HERE. I’m loving this cotton-linen Nottingham pillow from Birch Lane.
Fortunately I got three of them because otherwise, I’d be moving this one around from here to there to there and here again.


I suffer from chronic decor rearranging syndrome (CDRS) and this area has changed yet again.  What did I tell you about those pillows? I do love them.


Moving pillows around is also a symptom of CDRS.



Don’t you just love the freedom of summer and the ability of being able to bring greenery inside your home?

Speaking of which, my friend Stacy from Not Just a housewife, wrote a book about just that- using natural accents in your decor.
But the book deserves an entire post, and not only because I might have a little indirect cameo in there but because it truly is a beautiful book.



Here’s another little cute accessory from Birch Lane.


I got these blue porcelain orbs last year at 40% off and I think they make a great little centrepiece.


Everything you see in this photo, except for the mirror  is a thrift find and it probably amounts to less than $12.
The most recent find is that old tobacco tin. That little tin taught me a lesson in decor, and that is, that even though you might love the way something looks, it might not be right for your own home. I say that because I love the color and the patina of the can very much, but I don’t condone smoking and even seeing the word tobacco makes me a little uncomfortable. It is so important to fill your home with items that evoke beautiful feelings and emotions. If it doesn’t feel right, even if it’s trendy and it coordinates with the rest of your decor, it will never fit in your home.


But let’s look below to one of my favourite pillow designs. Though I’m not one to brag, I do love the way this one turned out.


I recently updated our lamps. These make more of statement than the previous ones and I love the gray weathered look.




diningroomsummertour Moving on to the dining room…


A few weeks ago our middle son came home from school and said he was in the mood for fruit, to which I quickly responded “Great! we have apples, strawberries, blue berries…” He followed with “No, I want REAL fruit.Like pineapples and watermelons…” So we went and bought pineapples and well, they look perfect in this bowl.


And on the hutch. Pineapples are really having a moment don’t you think?



See that room in the background? That’s where we’re headed next…


This is our family room, which is adjacent to our kitchen and dinette. You never see that area of our home because it’s in serious need of an update.


This room is bright and cheery and it’s where I play with my mantel…


Oh hi again Brody…sorry to disturb you.

This is version 2.0 of my summer mantel. You can see version 1.0 HERE.
Not too long ago I had beautiful lilacs in this vase, it’s hydrangeas this time. Every season has its own beauty and it’s important to enjoy each to the fullest.

I have had several inquiries about this seagull painting. You can buy a print of it in my shop HERE.


And this is me, coordinating with my decor not on purpose.


I want to leave you with this – After these home tours, we are often left feeling a little ‘less’ or feeling like our home is not as neat, or my couches are not as white etc.
What goes on behind the scenes is sometimes very different to what you see on the screen.

Life is messy and colorful. And while an orange goalie jersey, random sun hats, dog leashes and bright pink polka dotted umbrellas, might not coordinate with your blue nautical decor, it is these little messes that make your house a home.


And though I encourage you to love and take care of your home, don’t be so hard on yourself if you din’t get to vacuum your rugs  today.

keepingitreal3 Because one day those goalie jerseys, scattered shoes and random kiddie messes will be a thing of the past, and you’ll wonder where time went and why you spent your time worrying about the ‘stuff’ that you have or didn’t have.  What makes your home beautiful is not the things that fill it, but the people who you love and share life with within those walls.

Thank you so much for visiting me today. Don’t forget to visit my dear friends below. xo



In thanks for being part of the bHome family already…or to welcome you today, we are giving away a $200 gift certificate to Painted Fox Treasures. PFt has all the summer time and any time home decor we all love. It is simple to enter. Just download bHome (the app) for free and leave me a comment with your bHome username. If you are already a bHome user, just comment and include your user name. Winner will be chosen at random on June 20th and notified with a message on bHome. Android users: don’t worry! We will offer this again when you can download too! Download bHome HERE.



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    • says

      Thank you so much Monique…I have always wanted to fill an entire wall with my art…maybe one day. Thank you for stopping by…xo

  1. says

    Oh how I so loved this beautiful tour and so admire your exquisite artwork and special touches in your home. Had to laugh at the acronym for the disease of constant need for re-arranging your interiors!…and most of all, you nailed it at the end. Believe me, they grow up way too fast, one day you are a bit frazzled with the bouncing of soccer balls in the house, hoping one won’t hit the lamp, the swinging door of boys coming to hang out, and then quiet. So what do I do?…I encourage my granddaughter to come with her little friends so I can hear the beautiful laughter of children in the house again. Have a wonderful day!

    • says

      Oh Shirley…thank you so much for your kind words. Yes time is quickly passing. Our oldest turned 15 last week and it feels like just yesterday he was learning how to walk. I hope I can be a great grandma one day…xo

  2. says

    I think Brody is the perfect ‘meet and greeter’ for any home tour… and of course your home tour is amazing Lucy. I love every square inch of your summer home. In fact, I want to live there!! Thank you for taking us on a tour of your beautiful summer home. Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  3. says

    Loving all the pops of color in your summer tour and love the painting on the mantel. I love sea birds artwork. Brody is just too cute.

  4. says

    Lucy, I love your encouraging words to all of us. You are so right about feeling empowered and also not knowing what our homes look like “behind the scenes”. Wonderful tour, wonderful home ( sigh, sigh,sigh, drool, clap, standing ovation) and… wonderful you! LOVE your pic!!!

  5. says

    Lucy your home is just gorgeous, I love all the blue and white! And I LOVE that you included the pictures at the end and of yourself! I remind myself to enjoy every moment with the kids even the messy ones! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. says

    I love your inspirational summer decorating ideas and home tour Lucy! Thank you for sharing your home with us – love all of your beachy accents and touches of blue! Your buggy print is gorgeous! I fully agree to embrace our homes just the way they are – as a military family we’ve been through so many separations and deployments – the meaning of home is not about our newest pillow or lamp (although they are so fun to feather our nests with!) it’s about the love and the laughter that fills our homes up!
    It certainly looks like your’s is filled with lots of both! Happy Summer my friend! xo Heather

    • says

      Thank you for your sweet words Heather. I loved visiting your home and you also have made it into a warm and beautiful nest…xo

  7. Lynn says

    Hi Lucy, Your home looks great and I love all the colors you have used for the summer. I just received the print of the seagull and I love it!!! You are a true talent!!!

  8. says

    Lucy your beautiful home is a physical manifestation of your beautiful heart and I just always leave here feeling so encouraged! Love you girl!

  9. Emily young says

    Love everything you do!! Sincerely, everything is beautiful. I have been following your blog for a while. Such a cute pic of yourself in the mirror. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. says

    Your home is lovely, so inviting and comfortable! But I think your model stole the show, such a handsome guy! Thanks for the tour and inspiration.

  11. Sarah says

    Thanks for keeping it real and reminding me to enjoy the mess while it’s here. Time is already flying! My daughter is almost 2 and her brother is expected to arrive in August

  12. says

    Your home is simply stunning! I love all the beachy summery touches. Aw, and I love that you give us a little note about real life at the end. ;)

  13. Sandy says

    Wow! Your home is stunning! I love your photography and Brody is such a handsome boy! I love that you included him in your home tour.

  14. says

    Brody, the seagull, and pineapples – what a great tour! I love your home and wisdom about it not being perfect. I had fears of posting my garden for the open house, because it’s new and it has weeds and it’s imperfect. But we love it and I can see you love your home as well. It’s a beautiful, creative space.

  15. Mandy Riddle says

    I initially found your blog a couple months ago through bHome! Then there was trouble as I learned about your amazing products and ordered the pink arrow pillow then pinned a few more for the change of seasons. I’m most looking forward to the Indian head dress pillow for Fall & have already been scouting accessories to match. My bHome user name is Mandy Riddle. Thank you again for sharing!

  16. says

    I’m leaving here with so much inspiration and decorating ideas today! Your home always looks like it is cohesive from one room to the next. Love that you even showed a little bit of the messier behind the scenes, too.

  17. says

    Your home is beautiful as always, and I am especially enjoying this summer look. You are so right about enjoying our homes and the family and friends we are fortunate to live with or entertain.

  18. Jackie says

    Love your home tour! Where did you get your slipcovered furniture? I have been looking for some for our Beach Condo. Are you able to machine wash yours? I need something that will be durable and washable for the grandkids!



  19. says

    Lucy!!! Your home makes my heart full! But it’s more than just your sense of style displayed but the heart behind it! Thank you for the encouragement and for sharing you gifts and talents girly! I truly appreciate you!

  20. Lori says

    Your home it totally gorgeous! love it! Following your blog after seeing you on instagram… please tell me the color of the paint you used for your coffee table if you don’t mind!

  21. janet says

    Beautiful home and decor, and I appreciate all your “reality notes” :-)
    I love flowers and foliage – unfortunately it seems limited where I live and when Ido have the real stuff my cat eats it :-( (not that I’m worried about cat bites on the leaves, I don’t want hime to be sick – LOL).

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