Easy beaded bunny necklace DIY

beadedbunnynecklace Hello friends. I hope you had a great weekend.

Although I had a list of things to do, I wanted to spend this weekend with family, free of blog posts and projects. That of course inevitably meant paying the price today, but I really needed to get out of the house and see ‘real’ people.

I am learning how quickly one can become a recluse when working in an online environment. Sure, you ‘speak’ with people daily via posts, social media, emails etc, but there’s no substitute for real life interaction. Don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoy connecting with people via technology – especially through Instagram – and I’m fortunate to have made some real cherished friendships that I know will be a part of my life for a long time to come.

But it has been such a loooong and harsh winter, so getting out of the house is sometimes a huge effort in and of itself. Coupled with the fact we only have one vehicle right now and you have the perfect combination to go stir-crazy.


Having said that, temperatures are expected to rise and we’re looking forward to a beautiful week.

bunnybeadednecklacecraftberrybush Bella and I did a little craft shopping this weekend and made a sweet little beaded bunny necklace. I’ve always had a bit of a weakness for these adorable animal toys as I think they look so cute no matter what you do with them. See?

bunnybeadednecklacetutorialcraftberrybush 1. Paint beads if desired
2. Spray paint toy animal and insert eye hook to top
3. Use needle to thread beads through floss
4. Attach bunny at middle point
5. Tie securely on top

beadedtasselnecklacecraftberrybush I also made a tassel necklace for myself using this tutorial.

Easy peasy and adorable little craft to make with your little ones. :)

Thank you all so much for visiting today.

I hope you have a great start to your week!

much love,



  1. says

    I totally agree with you, Lucy! It is so important to get out once in a while and connect with people! I absolutely love this little necklace project. I’m hosting Easter this year and have three young nieces who will adore these! I’ll have one for each at their place settings! Thanks so much for your inspiration!

  2. Amy says

    Both your necklaces are so simple, yet so charming! Where did you find toy bunny that looks like that? I have four kiddos but don’t think they’ve ever had a toy bunny that looked anything like that. Thanks for sharing with us!

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