Fall Mantel

Well Friends, here it is…the fall mantel I have been lovingly preparing to welcome yet another season.
As usual, I tried to use inexpensive items that with a little work become little treasures.  But only time can create such perfectly imperfect patina on that silver plate and the chippy wood on that old window frame.
I used a dollar store dictionary and dyed the pages with tea, allowing them to dry before ironing them to restore their crispness.  I then glued them onto a large sheet of very thin plywood that was laying in the garage.
 On my previous post, I  showed you how I
converted these pumpkins from the Dollar Store.
You can never go wrong with old shabby books…
 I used raffia and moss to add an organic feel to the mantel…
The silver cup at the back was given to hubby by his grandmother when he was born; the urn with the gorgeous patina was found at our local thrift store and it was originally a trophy of some sort.  While in line at the store, a gentleman was giving me tips on how to clean the silver.  I smiled and thanked him, but the patina was exactly what I am most in love with.
Real sterling silver will always clean to its beautiful original shine, yet plated silver, if left for too long, will acquire that bluish tarnished patina and might need to be re-plated in order to be restored to its original appearance.  The number 925 or a stamp of a lion are two easy ways to recognize if an item is real sterling silver.  There are only three sterling silver items on this mantel…can you guess which three?
 I had originally hung the plates in this
configuration but found it too sparse…
 So I decided to add a few more plates…

I will be replacing the branch in the urn with a large white pumpkin, creating more balance.  Balance is always important when decorating.  Notice how the darkness of the camera on the left is mirrored on the urn and ever so slightly with the bird on the right? 

So my dear friends, that is my fall mantel…at least for now.  I am sure I will look at it a few days and change a thing or two (does that ever happen to you?), but in the mean time, I hope you like it and can draw inspiration from it. 

Thank you once again for stopping by…can’t wait to see you again soon.

much love,


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  1. says

    Your mantel looks beautiful. Had I not read your previous post, I would have thought the pumpkins were real, or at least purchased that way. Your transformation is amazing.

  2. says

    Your mantel is beautiful! I love that you used the silver with the book pages and the white pumpkins! The tarnished silver is beautiful! Thanks so much for the inspiration! Have a happy weekend!

  3. says

    Wow, Lucy! This is kind of blowing my mind, its so cool! Can’t get over all the beautiful layers here, starting with those book pages, what a great idea! Love all the depth you achieved with the contrasting texture and subtle color.

  4. says

    This is just stunning.
    You did a great job-
    I am off to read more posts and I am a new follower.

    Enjoyed visiting-
    I linked to the same party-

    White Spray Paint

  5. says

    ooo…. love love love this look.
    I have the same metal wine goblets (as in your pictures) that I got from a thrift store, and I used them as vases for my wedding centerpieces.

  6. says

    This is a lovely vignette! I especially love that it’s not all the traditional “fall” colors, but whites, neutrals, and metals plus texture. I’m decorating along the same lines this fall and it’s so refreshing! :)
    Visiting from Beth’s Tutes and Tips.
    Heidi @ Show Some Decor

  7. says

    Fantastic! I love that it’s just a tiny bit creepy in a very Edgar Allen Poe way… I’m totally inspired by the pages on the wall! Definitely going to try to work that idea into my fall mantle this year (when I finally get going on it!)
    : ) Meg

  8. says

    I love your take on a fall mantel. Very unique. I am a huge supporter of silver. I can’t pass it without buying it. Glad I stopped by.

  9. Anonymous says

    i love, love this mantle! i’m definitely gonna be on the lookout for faux pumpkins! Esther from fleurcottage

  10. Anonymous says

    Really love the look with the silver plates. Question: how do you hang the silver plates? I have some that I would like to display, but other than using plate hangers, I am wondering how to hang them. Thanks.

  11. says

    Found this on Pinterest and love love love it. I know it’s about two years too late, but just wanted to leave a note. I’ll be including this in a web round up and linking back to your post!

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