A little spring in the dining room


Hello friends I hope you’re doing well.  I’m so happy to be joining my friends on today’s styling tour, hosted by Town and Country Living.
In this post, I wanted to give you a little glimpse of my process which I use to style my dining room.

When styling a tablescape, I always have a focal point. This is usually a centerpiece that I’ve created, either a vase with flowers or a vignette or arrangement.  I made this one from grocery store flowers. I simply created a grid using tape and inserted the flowers.

I then collect different items within our home that contain similar colors, such as napkins, plates, bowls etc.  Always shop your home first.  Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-10
I did buy this egg garland at Michaels and cut it so I could use the eggs. I mixed the fake eggs and real eggs in a bowl. As you can see they coordinate well with the tulips and flowers in the centerpiece.

I then set what I call a ‘fake set’. I place the items along the table in various groups of threes each of varying heights.

Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-17 As you can see, I do this all along the table. This way of setting the table feels more relaxed and it’s as if life is happening at the moment…

Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-14 Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-15
I will move items around and if needed, I’ll add height to create more depth to the table.

Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-16 Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-18
For this particular table, I decided that the cakes were taking away from the pretty centerpiece, so I decided to remove them.  Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-19

Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-7 Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-6
I think the cake as stand alone, would be a beautiful centerpiece. I’ll have a tutorial of this cake later on next week but for now, I removed it from the table.  Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-5
And kept the table super simple…
I removed most of the items from the table.  Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-3 Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-2
And let the centerpiece take the spotlight… Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush

And there you go, a little bit of the process of how I set my tablescapes. Please don’t forget to visit my friends below for more beautiful decorating ideas.

Thank you so much for stopping by today.

much love,



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    Just found you, and your site is
    b e a u t i f u l!
    I didnt see a place to sign up for future emails,,so please add me! Thanks!

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    Your centerpiece is stunning! The colors are so soft and gorgeous… :-) I sometimes do the’ fake set’ too, but never gave it a name. I like that! Also love the use of the theory of threes – always works in visual presentations and done beautifully here. Lovely!!

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