A little spring in the dining room


Hello friends I hope you’re doing well.  I’m so happy to be joining my friends on today’s styling tour, hosted by Town and Country Living.
In this post, I wanted to give you a little glimpse of my process which I use to style my dining room.

When styling a tablescape, I always have a focal point. This is usually a centerpiece that I’ve created, either a vase with flowers or a vignette or arrangement.  I made this one from grocery store flowers. I simply created a grid using tape and inserted the flowers.

I then collect different items within our home that contain similar colors, such as napkins, plates, bowls etc.  Always shop your home first.  Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-10
I did buy this egg garland at Michaels and cut it so I could use the eggs. I mixed the fake eggs and real eggs in a bowl. As you can see they coordinate well with the tulips and flowers in the centerpiece.


I then set what I call a ‘fake set’. I place the items along the table in various groups of threes each of varying heights.

Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-17 As you can see, I do this all along the table. This way of setting the table feels more relaxed and it’s as if life is happening at the moment…

Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-14 Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-15
I will move items around and if needed, I’ll add height to create more depth to the table.

Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-16 Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-18
For this particular table, I decided that the cakes were taking away from the pretty centerpiece, so I decided to remove them.  Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-19

Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-7 Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-6
I think the cake as stand alone, would be a beautiful centerpiece. I’ll have a tutorial of this cake later on next week but for now, I removed it from the table.  Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-5
And kept the table super simple…
I removed most of the items from the table.  Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-3 Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush-2
And let the centerpiece take the spotlight… Springdecoratingdiningroomcrafttberrybush

And there you go, a little bit of the process of how I set my tablescapes. Please don’t forget to visit my friends below for more beautiful decorating ideas.

Thank you so much for stopping by today.

much love,



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  1. says

    Just found you, and your site is
    b e a u t i f u l!
    I didnt see a place to sign up for future emails,,so please add me! Thanks!

  2. says

    Your centerpiece is stunning! The colors are so soft and gorgeous… :-) I sometimes do the’ fake set’ too, but never gave it a name. I like that! Also love the use of the theory of threes – always works in visual presentations and done beautifully here. Lovely!!

  3. Shandy Staggs says

    HOLY COW!!! You’re talent never ceases to AMAZE me!! I absolutely love your eye for beautiful things. You make it so whimsical and elegant without it being too stuffy. Every change of the season I hope on this blog and it always makes me smile, gives me inspiration and excitement for my home! You are so good at springtime! Thank you thank you for carrying on! You are wonderful!!

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