Coastal Gallery Wall

coastalgallerywall Hello sweet friends. I hope you had a nice weekend.  It’s been a little quiet around here as I’m trying to enjoy these fleeting days of summer as much as possible and I’m so thankful that you understand that during the summer, family always comes first. But I did want to show you this coastal gallery wall I put together a few weeks back.

It’s hard to believe that today is the last day of July. Before you know it, the kiddies will be going back to school and I will be left all alone missing their company.
With each passing summer I reminisce about our trips to the beach, helping them make sandcastles or the many trips we took to the local farm and the zoo.
Getting them all to agree on one activity nowadays is not an easy task. ha


Speaking of trips to the beach, this is one of my favourite photos of our little family. It was taken during our trip to Mexico this past Spring.
As usual, we set up my camera on a nearby wall and propped it up with books we had been reading at the beach. Put the timer on and ran into place.
I love this photo because it’s one of the rare times where we all actually looked at the camera and we all smiled at the same time. No closed eyes, or funny faces.
Most times when we take family photos, there’s usually some sort of disagreement going on, but this particular time, we were having so much fun. And each time I see this photo, my heart fills with joy.

1005602_10151733383176013_554683934_n And this is us, 4 short years ago at the same location.  They were still so little and now they’re all in high school. Where does time go?

But I digress, because what I really wanted to share with you is this little gallery wall I put together a few weeks back…
You might recall that I share the tutorial for the beach scene HERE.
This particular piece was my first ever ‘dirty pour’ . Dirty pour is an incredibly easy and mesmerizing way to use acrylic paint.  I did a little video of it, I just haven’t had time to edit it. But it’s on the list.
coastalgallerywall-5 This one is a mixture of a dirty pour and using a straw to move the paint around the canvas… coastalgallerywall-6
I also painted some fun waves… coastalgallerywall-7

and a little sandpiper … coastalgallerywall-8 coastalgallerywall-9 I love how vibrant the wall looks.  coastalgallerywall-10 coastalgallerywall-11 coastalgallerywall-12 coastalgallerywall-14 coastalgallerywall-18
It’ll stay like this for a bit longer until I change things around for fall… coastalgallerywall-19
That’s all for now, I hope that you’re enjoying this beautiful season with your loved ones.
Have a beautiful day.

Much love,



  1. Teddee Grace says

    Love your seascape wall and vignette! You are so talented. I thought the waves were a photo for sure.

  2. Debbie says

    This is so pretty and unified looking – and the white wall is such a perfect background for this color scheme. May I inquire on your method of hanging the canvases – particularly knowing that you will change things with each passing season? Enjoy the remainder of summer!

  3. says

    Hi Lucy, thanks for sharing this beautiful display. I love your work! I look forward to seeing the video of the “dirty pour”- that looks amazing! Enjoy the rest of your summer with your beautiful family.

  4. Gail Plaskiewicz says

    I love the painting of the waves but really, I love them all! I love all the different shades of blue. The one with the dirty pour looks like something I learned in my high school art class. I had 4 years of art in high school. The one with the waves looks like a photo, not a painting.
    The photos of your family are so great! What a handsome family! Everyone looks so happy. That was us once a long time ago. My dad passed away this year so we won’t have photos like that anymore.
    Thanks for showing us your terrific art work and your family. Love to get your blog!

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