Fall Mantel – version one

It’s not unusual for me to put together several mantels until I am
either satisfied with the way it looks or simply tire of trying.  

Last week during Seasons of the Home, I revealed this year’s fall mantel.
I mentioned that particular mantel was one of the many versions of fall
mantels I had put together, and today I thought I would share the first version.

I like to put the mantel together and then quickly take a photo
of it as find seeing it in a photograph provides a completely different
perspective, allowing me to see if it’s balanced or not.

For this particular mantel, I wanted the fall wreath to be the focal point
but was unsure about the board it was attached to.  Now that I look it again, it
doesn’t look too bad and I like the incorporation of white ceramic teapots.

It’s usually the small details that bring life to a vignette and
I adore these old wooden clothes pin that I tend to use often.

Here is closer look at those beautiful dried Annabelles from my 
mom’s garden…love them!  I had initially envisioned an entire mantel lined 
with ceramic teapots and green hydrangeas, but I quickly realized it would 
not work as I did not have sufficient dried hydrangeas to fulfill my vision. 

So I went back to my usual staples – books and old tarnished silver.  

As I was not too happy with this mantel, I didn’t take a lot of photos, but wanted
to share the few I have of each the various mantels so you can see the process. 

Tomorrow, I’ll share the other versions and let you decide
 if I made the right decision by picking this as my final mantel.

What do you think of this particular mantel? 

Thanks for keeping me company today!

much love,

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  1. says

    Lucy, I am loving this mantle. The pops of the dried green hydrangeas and that wreath are perfect and I love it with the tarnished silver. Great job! Stop by Cloches and Lavender and become a follower and follow us on our journey!!!


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