The quiet of the night has finally filled our home and even the constant murmur of the fridge seems to have fallen into a deep sleep.  The familiar tip tap of the keyboard is the only sound I hear and as I stare at these images, I find peace in my heart.

Peace in knowing my children lay safely in their beds.  Peace in knowing the love of my life sits just a few feet away from me.  My world is complete, serene but mostly blessed. 

Life isn’t perfect and there are burdens in our hearts that we must face.  Burdens that steal our joy and test our faith.  But as I look beyond and ponder on what we have already overcome, I know that God’s hand is near and He will provide comfort.  He always does. 

So for now, I will savour that feeling of contentment and enjoy the peace that fills my heart at this very moment.  

I hope you have a beautiful day.

much love,

ps – I hope to see you later today at The Inspiration Gallery.


  1. says

    That was beautifully written, Lu. I love that you can experience that feeling at your deepest level. This has been a season of unrest and angst here and I am so looking forward to finding a bit of peace…xo Diana

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