Halloween Crepe Anemone Flower….

I’m not big into Halloween…I know, I know…sorry. 
It’s just a day that I have never really embraced. 
As a child, my parents never made a big deal of it either. I was even scared to go Trick-or-Treating because in my native language (Spanish), Halloween literally translates as ‘the day of the witches’.  So yes, I was scared of witches too. 

This year, I am making a little exception and will be sharing some Halloween projects as I co-host a Halloween Linky party that will run for the entire month of October.  I will give you more details as we get closer to the day.  

Regardless of the holiday, I do enjoy decorating, so coming up with a little Halloween vignette was fun.  I found this beautiful black iron pedestal at my local thrift store for $3.99.  I think it looks very elegant holding the little baby boos and the white crepe Anemone flowers.  I guess I’m okay with an elegant Halloween as opposed to a spooky one. 

I love using crepe for flowers because of the paper’s pliability.  The petals tend to look very realistic, don’t you think?  You can use this tutorial to make the white flowers. 

So how about you?  Do you decorate for Halloween?  Is it spooky or cutesy? 

Thank you for visiting and please don’t forget to stop by tomorrow as I’ll announce the winner of the Cutting Edge Stencil…! 

much love,


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    I don’t decorate for Halloween, except for maybe a jack o lantern. I buy treats for the kids who come to the door and our kids went trick or treating, but nothing beyond that. My birthday is the day before Halloween and my daughter’s the day after. That’s enough celebrating!

    But, your anemones are beautiful – not just for Halloween.

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    I was never a big Halloween kid. My birthday is two days before, so I was always frustrated that my day was being upstaged by the holiday. But as an adult, I’m getting into it some. Not the spooky, scary side. More like the fun costume side. I love your dark display with the ravens and books. The anemones are delicate and feminine which levels out the creepy factor of the ravens.

  3. says

    I’m glad I’m am the exception, friend.

    It takes us out of our comfort zone. I used to detest our American Thanksgiving, but I’ve come to love it. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with. I love the flowers juxtaposed with the crows…


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    Hola Lucy, permíteme escribir en español, ya que acabo de enterarme ser tu idioma madre. Bueno quisiera comentar tus palabras con respecto a Halloween. Yo opino lo mismo que tú, no me gusta mucho esta fiesta, la siento como algo lejos de nuestras tradiciones y nuestros costumbres, realmente nuestra formación católico-latina, mal se relaciona con los hábitos del 31 de octubre, por aquí en Italia la aguantamos, la toleramos, pero fuera que a los niños, realmente no le gusta a nadie.

  5. says

    This is a brilliant little vignette for Halloween – I don’t decorate for it much either – but I sure would be happy with this in my house. Hmmm, now you have got me to thinking . . .

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