Sunday, December 11, 2011

Faux Boxwood mini wreath tutorial...

Hello again...I hope you enjoyed your weekend. 

Can you believe that Christmas is 2 short weeks away?  I feel as if I have so many things to get done and yet the procrastinator in me says 'you have plenty of time'.

Unfortunately, I have always been a Christmas shopping procrastinator and I don't think things will change this year.  It doesn't help that hubby shares the same 'philosophy' and so every year, we come together to form a  super dynamic shopping duo and get it done. And every year, we say 'next year, we'll get it done early'....

I have always been enchanted with boxwood wreaths but they can be pricey, and so as usual, I'm off to look for an alternative.  Enter my faithful Dollar Store...(I mention that store a lot don't I?  Seriously need to look into sponsorship...ha).  I  found what I thought would work and came up with these little wreathes....

Here is how I made them...
 I found these 'boxwood' topiary balls 
and pulled all the sprigs right off....
I rolled and taped several shopping bags into a wreath form and individually glued the sprigs onto the 'wreath' making sure to cover the entire area. 

I love how the look hanging 
from the old window frame...

Nothing compares to the real thing, but I think they look very pretty and festive, hanging from a chair, on a door or just anywhere.  And the best part is that they will last a long time and they only cost me $3.00 to make... (I know baby, DS trips add up after time...)

This week, I hope to post a little more often than usual as I have several projects that I have completed.  I am always weary of posting too soon for fear that you will 'miss' a post so I hope you will join me. 

Which brings me to this - I want to thank you once again for all your tender comments and sweet words.  It's been said many times before (and for fear of sounding repetitive), please know that I appreciate the time you spend here with me and the time it takes you to leave comments and express your feelings to me.

I realize that browsing blogs and stopping by to leave a message takes effort and time and it's much easier to keep on going or to 'pin' something you like.  I'm guilty of such, but I am trying to change that because I know how important comments are and how they validate all the hard work and hours it takes to put a post together.  Especially to those who are just starting out.  So from the bottom of my heart...thank you!  

I will talk to you very soon, but in the mean time....have a wonderful day!

much love,


  1. Lucy te quedaron preciosas, me gusta mucho que primero conseguiste un ramo económico lo transformaste y contribuiste con la salud del planeta, reciclando las terribles bolsas de plástico que tanto mal hacen,te felicito y muy buena idea ☺ un beso Sandra.

  2. I love boxwood too! Your wreaths looks so festive and lovely!

  3. ooooo I love this! I must go make one :)

  4. I really like your blog. You have great ideas and a good heart! Yours Barbara

  5. Hi
    I like the way you 'think outside the box!' I would never think to pull things apart and re-invent them! I am going to try thinking that way in the future!
    Have a glorious God filled Christmas

  6. I love your blog too!

  7. These look absolutely divine! Will definitely be making these over the holidays. Kids will love being involved into project but we might decorate it a bit more. Happy Holidays :)

  8. I've never seen a plastic bag wreath form - great idea! I paid $2 per straw wreath for my last What I Made Wednesday project. I think the fake boxwood is better anyway because many find the smell of boxwood to be offensive (probably why it deters deer). Personally, I love it as it reminds me of our trip to Colonial Williamsburg - great memories.

    Thanks, also for the kind words! It means a lot to this newbie blogger. I'm growing, but very, very slowly (only have 25 followers), but the comments and your visits spur me to keep going! Thanks!!!

  9. I am totally guilty of this one! I love stopping by to see what you've made and once in awhile I comment, but I usually just read through on my google reader.

    Just so you know - I love everything you include on your blog and I am one of your faithful followers! Thanks for all the time you spend sharing!

  10. Loving All your christmas style, the mantle and boxwood wreaths and also checked out your gorgeous spring mantle. I'm now following !

  11. Hello i was searching for creative crafts and found your blog. There are so many wonderfull ideas :) The boxwood wreaths looks very good and seems easy to make. I also love your little Trees with glitter... i want to make them to :) thanks for sharing how to make it.

    Greetings from Germany

  12. Hello, how are you???
    Sorry if I did not visit here for a long time, I was too busy, but your blog surely is among my favorites!!!
    My Christmas message for you:
    Christmas should be everyday, not just one day. Today and always we should love, share, give, from large to small presents all are important, but mostly important your actions to others and to yourself!
    Merry Christmas ,,,, from all my heart!
    Hugs, Jose

  13. Ooh - I've always admired boxwood wreathes and your's certainly caught my eye. Quite impressed with your wreath form too! ;)

  14. I love how you see the possibilities in ordinary items and recreate them to be extraordinary. Thanks Lucy!

  15. I love the wreath! My husband and I say the same thing every year too! ;)


  16. these are adorable! i posted after you on tater tots and jello! ;)


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