Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Clay flower tutorial....

Happy Wednesday!   How is your week thus far?  The weather around here has been so beautiful - which always inspires me to create - however I have been fighting a little cold and now it seems my daughter and younger son also have it. 

Nothing a little chicken soup, and some cuddles can't cure....

If you recall a few posts back, I spoke about using neutrals when decorating a fall table.  I showed how to create some pretty burlap leafs and now I wanted to show you how to make this little flower/napkin ring holder...

I played around with various textures and included some organic elements to the table; such as the little acorns and the mushrooms you see in the background.  They are made of clay and I have prepared a tutorial, which I will post in a day or two. 

But first let me show you how easy it is to make this flower (we'll call it a mum for now, but if you have any other suggestions, feel free to let me know..)

1. Roll your clay on wax paper to avoid the clay sticking to the working surface (this is air drying clay but you can use salt dough as well). Cut various size circles; I used different size cups and glasses.
2. Cut several slits around the circles as shown
3. Place circle in the palm of your hand and gently cup it forcing the 'petals' to go up

4. Continue doing this to all circles and place inside each other starting with the biggest one at the bottom and working your way up to the second smallest one
5. Loop a wire through the top as shown
6. How it looks from the top

7. Place the smallest circle of petals and cover the wire (sorry, I did not include a picture of this step)
8. The smallest circle of petals will cover the wire 
9. The wires will be used to attach the flower to the napkin 

Allow it to dry or bake depending on what
type of clay you are using and that's it!

Wasn't that so easy?  In my humble opinion, I think they look so pretty. They can be used not only as napkin rings for Thanksgiving but are versatile enough to use at Christmas - think glitter or even hang on your tree.  Skip the wire and add a pin to the back so it can be used as a brooch, etc.

Soooo...there you go, me 'claying' around.  One of my most favourite things to do.

Thank you for stopping by - hope to see you again soon. 

much love,

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  1. How gorgeous! It looks amazing on your earthy table!! Love love love!

  2. These are POSITIVELY Going to be made real soon here :) I think I will try them with salt dough, and maybe mix in some color and glitter at the end-great ideas!

  3. I'll take a set of four for Christmas, thank you very much! Oh and the mushrooms and acorns too! LOL! xoxoxo LOVE IT!!!

  4. So beautiful, Lucy. You did a fabulous job, and they really are versatile. Gorgeous!

  5. Love them and the mushrooms and the, love, love! I really want to give this a try. Beautiful are very talented!

  6. Lucy...I am literally speechless. I have started working with clay recently but never thought to do something like this. I am overwhelming IN LOVE with this and it truly is so simple! What a gorgeous tablescape! are one of my absolute FAVORITE inspirations.

  7. I love it! I've never worked with clay before but, this looks like something I might be able to do.

  8. Hi Lucy, Your paper clay flower is so beautiful, and the whole table setting looks wonderful.
    Thankyou for the tutorial.

  9. Gorgeous work! Really like the little acorns. Very sweet.

  10. I have looked at A LOT of table settings lately and while many are gorgeous, this is the first one where I thought, "THIS. IS. IT.!"!! I love it...all of it and if coping is the surest form of flattery, please feel flattered as I will surely copy this fantastic idea!

  11. So pretty and classic! I think you are right about them being easy to use in lots of ways. And it's funny... I have had some air dry clay for the longest time just sitting around. I have found a way to give it purpose thanks to you! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  12. This is so pretty, what a great way to make a table setting look beautiful!

  13. Your fall neutrals are really working. It looks so fresh, yet so calming - easy on the eyes and so inviting. Such a simple project that speaks volumes of beauty.

  14. Very nice! I'm curious what type of clay you used? This could be a great project using AMACO Cloud Clay. I'd like to share this on our Facebook page and suggest that, and link back to your site for viewers to see.

  15. I love this. Great inspiration for creating more delicate things with salt dough :)

  16. Oh Lucy, love, love, love! It's beautiful! I hope you have a great weekend!
    hugs, Cheryl

  17. These are just gorgeous! I happen to have some clay in my stash and think I will attempt this this weekend.

  18. So pretty! I will be pinning for sure. Found you on tt&j linky party and will be following you :)

  19. Ok, that is gorgeous!!! LOVE it!! I shared it on my TT&J facebook page and pinned it :)


  20. Beautiful!! I pinned and stumbled. Jen at TT&J gave a shout out on fb & twitter. :)

  21. Love this idea...I collect napkin rings and make them but I have never used clay! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

    Lucky 7 Design

  22. These are heavenly! I absolutely love them.

  23. Those are perfect!!!! Do you have a clay you recommend???

  24. So pretty, love your place setting too!

  25. the neutrals are really speaking to me these days. your whole place setting is just gorgeous. love them.

  26. This is so incredible!! Love this. I featured this project on my blog today:

    Thanks for inspiring, as always!!

  27. I have to admit that I'm one of those moms who enjoys playing play dough with my daughter. I find it fun and relaxing to sit down and create with it and then smoosh it up and put it away. There's no agenda, it's fun to squoosh in between your fingers, and the colors are flowers delivery new zealand

  28. Lovely project and lovely pictures!
    I shared your project on my blog and link it back to you! Hope is ok?

  29. These are really good and benefit in many ways. Thanks for sharing the same.

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