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Hello friends. I hope you had a nice weekend. It was a long weekend here in Canada and we’ve been taking advantage of the weather to declutter the garage. I’m not sure how it happens but it seems like as soon as you get rid of
stuff more stuff appears. I’m seriously feeling like getting rid of everything and starting over in a very minimalistic life.  I don’t know how that will be possible seeing as I’m getting ready to convert my son’s room into my office and I’m already scoping new items for that makeover.
Anyway, it’s been quiet around the blog because I’ve been working on some other things behind the scenes so I wanted to repost this delicious ice cream recipe from last year. I had so much fun taking photos. I hope you enjoy.


If like us, you don’t own an ice cream maker, the trick to creamy ice cream is to take the mixture out of the freezer and stir for 2-3 minutes every 30 minutes for two hours. This process might seem a little time consuming but it renders a creamier texture as it reduces  crystallization.  You can of course skip the stirring in between and simply place the contents in the freezer.




2 large ripe fresh mangoes, peeled and pitted or 2 cups of frozen mango
1 pineapple, skinned and cut into 1-inch chunks (I scooped the flesh out and used it as a bowl)
1 cup of chilled coconut milk . (Place can in fridge overnight)
1⁄2 cup raw agave nectar or 1/2 cup sugar


1. Blend together mango pineapple . Place in freezer for 1 hour or until half frozen.
2. Remove coconut milk from fridge. Mix sugar and coconut mild with electric mixer until creamy.
3. Remove mango pineapple mixture from freezer and pour into separate bowl.
4. Fold beaten coconut cream into the mango pineapple mixture and mix well.
5. Optional for creamier texture: Place in freezer safe container and place in fridge for 30 minutes.
6. Remove from freezer and stir mixture for 2 minutes. Place back in freezer for another 30 minutes.
Repeat this process 4 times.
7. Place in freezer and allow to freeze completely.



Pineapplecoconutmangosorbetcraftberrybush3 In my opinion, serving this delicious dessert in a pineapple bowl gives you brownie points. Such a fun and yummy way to welcome summer.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you have a great start to your week.
much love,



  1. Gail Plaskiewicz says

    Can I use canned pineapple? We have some which is why I am asking. I’m not sure if we have coconut milk. My dad is on a feeding tube and we were trying to get him to drink coconut milk in a smoothie I think and we had some. He can drink some nectar thick liquids. Don’t know if we have more now or not. We do have coconut water cause I checked to see if it was water or milk. To bad we couldn’t thicken it and use that.

    We also don’t have an ice cream maker. Not sure if the family will like it but I will give it a try. A chef from England once on a PBS TV show said that if you didn’t have an ice cream maker, you could take any ice cream recipe but when you froze it you have to take it out and keep mixing it exactly like you are saying! I had her talking about it on a VHS tape and it broke. I couldn’t remember how she said to do it and I think this is it! Thank you so much! Now I can do this with any ice cream recipe and I have one for Peanut Butter. I have to try it!

  2. Dara says

    Great idea. I do something similar with my Vita-Mix. Frozen pineapple (canned won’t give you the same yummy flavor), frozen mango, frozen banana, coconut flavor, and a touch of milk (we use almond milk). Thanks for your beautiful blog ideas.

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  4. says

    What a beautiful recipe. I’ll be making this as I’m in Australia and very close to both our beautiful Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast beaches where it’s pretty much summer all year round. In the height of summer it can reach a whopping 40 degrees, not sure what that is in your measurements but let’s just say it’s HOT HOT HOT. This will go down a treat with my girls. Thank you for posting and good luck with your office makeover. Can’t wait to see what you do. Lots of Aussie hugs. Penny (my_tiny_vignette ~ Instagram)

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