Painted Leather Earrings

Hello friends. I hope you’ve been keeping well. It’s been quiet around here as we took a little time off to enjoy the weather. We didn’t go anywhere and though vacations are nice, staycations can also be great.
I managed to do a little painting and worked on some other projects but overall it was a lazy week.  I wanted to quickly share this cute little leather earrings Bella and I made the other day. It was a fun quick craft that we enjoyed doing.



There are so many possibilities


Here is what you will need:
Piece of leather
Stylin – Fashion paint by DecoArt
Fishhook Earrings
Thumb Tack
Fine Point Permanent Marker

For teat shape earrings. Simply make a template, trace and cut out.

Take a thumbtack and pierce a hole at the very top of the earring.  paintedleatherearringsdiy-5
Use pliers and attach earrings to leather through hole.  paintedleatherearringsdiy-6
Use white to paint entire surface if you wish.  paintedleatherearringsdiy-7
Using a permanent marker, draw out flower or desired design  paintedleatherearringsdiy-8
Use Stylin to paint inside design.  paintedleatherearringsdiy-9
Once dry, cover any lines that might have gotten covered by the paint.
Follow the same procedure for the feathers. Cut out, poke a hole and insert the earring.  paintedleatherearringsdiy-11
Draw a single white line in the center of feather.  paintedleatherearringsdiy-12
Use perpendicular strokes on half the feather. I used a mixture of aqua, blue and black. I didn’t bother cleaning the brush in between.  paintedleatherearringsdiy-13
Continue doing this all the way down.  paintedleatherearringsdiy-14
Do the same to the other side.  paintedleatherearringsdiy-15
Repaint the white line in the middle and paint little white dots if you wish. Allow to dry.
Cut some slits at the bottom of feather and you’re done !  paintedleatherearringsdiy-17
These are so cute and I loved how they turned out. I also love, love, love this new paint by DecoArt. I completely recommend it. The coverage is amazing !  paintedleatherearringsdiy-20 Thank you so much for stopping by. See you tomorrow…xo

much love,



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