Ice-cream hack and fail

popscicle from tub of icecream

Hi again friends. How is your week so far? It felt like a fall day today for some reason the temperatures have dropped this week but I think they’re going back up by the weekend. I’m a little worried about my planters but hopefully they will be fine.

Today however, I’m  happy to be joining my friend Krista as she hosts yet another fun summer hop. This time, we’re sharing delicious summer recipes. Well, at least my friends are. I on the other hand, am sharing a fail. :(
I’m not really sure what is going on lately but I’ve had several fails which I guess makes me human but it’s also pretty frustrating.
A few months ago I saw THIS video and thought it would be a brilliant idea to try. So I bought all the supplies necessary thinking that it would be a piece of cake. From seeing the initial photo you would think that everything worked out great but you would be oh so very  wrong.

popscicle from tub of icecream-3


popscicle from tub of icecream-8 popscicle from tub of icecream-5

As it turns out as soon as you place ice cream onto warm melted chocolate, the ice cream obviously starts to melt immediately, but it also changes the consistency of the chocolate to….

popscicle from tub of icecream-9 This a deliciously useless clump of chocolate. Not really suitable for our purpose.

popscicle from tub of icecream-6 The white chocolate almost worked but…umm not really .

popscicle from tub of icecream-4

I decided to take a couple of somewhat creative photos of my fail …. popscicle from tub of icecream-3 Not quite what we were going for. So here’s the verdict…with the amount of money, time and effort to make these, I could have easily purchased premade perfectly round popsicles probably two times over. Face palm.

Here’s a little video I made because why not….

But please don’t forget to check out my friends REAL recipes below…happy Wednesday…xo

Check out what they have in store…

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  1. says

    I love this Lucy, though I’m sure it was beyond frustrating for you! When I was a teenager I worked at DQ and the ice cream treats we dipped were beyond super frozen and the chocolate we dipped it in had a special consistency to it (it probably had plastic for all I know!), that made it work… sometimes we see these brilliant things and they end up as a total fail and I love that you shared this. Thanks for being part of this hop! Take care:)

  2. Bobbi says

    I love that you showed your fail, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a mean person. We all have fails, it’s just so nice to see someone honest enough to share it. Isn’t it just so frustrating when you think you’re about to create something great and it doesn’t work? ???? Thank you for sharing.

  3. says

    Aw, Lucy, that is so sad. I’m so sorry, friend. I’m so glad you pointed out what can and will go wrong. I’ve had my share of fails lately too. LOVED your video too and seeing your pretty face. Buying Magnums is probably easier.

  4. Gail Plaskiewicz says

    Oh, Lucy, I feel your pain! I’ve had some fails in my life too. It bugs me when you make something that looks so easy and should come out so beautiful that it should be on YouTube yet for some odd reason it comes out terrible. It might not have looked pretty but did it taste good? If it tasted good, then for me it’s a win.

  5. says

    Now that’s funny and pretty much how it would work at my house. Please say you were eating as fast as it melted.
    Never let good ice cream go to ‘waist’. Thanks for sharing.

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