Spring Vegetables Watercolor Printable


Hello friends. I hope you’ve been well.  It’s been a little quiet around here as I’m still trying to recover from my back injury. If you can imagine, being unable to move around means you can’t really clean the house all that well and as soon as I felt a little better, I went on a crazy cleaning spree, which made my back go into a fit again. UGH.
It’s been so frustrating but I realize that I just have to let it heal and be patient.  I was speaking to one of my son’s teammate’s mom and she reminded me that once you get to a certain age, it takes much longer for your body to heal from injuries. Talk about reality check …ha


Because I can’t really sit for long periods of time, I haven’t been able to do much painting either, but the other day, I printed these old painting on transfer paper  and I loved the way they turned out so much that I thought I would share them with you.
I love the way they printed onto the flour cloth. It looks like vintage watercolor. However, I think I set the heat too high and the color did change, so keep that in mind when you’re doing your transfer.  watercolorteatowelcraftberrybush-5 watercolorteatowelcraftberrybush-6 watercolorteatowelcraftberrybush-7 watercolorteatowelcraftberrybush-12 watercolorteatowelcraftberrybush-9 Cute right?



Here is the original and as you can see, the color did transfer a little bit different. Like I mentioned before, I think it was because the setting on the iron was a bit too high.
Go HERE to download and print. Please note that these are for personal use only. Do not alter in any way. If you wish to share, please share link to this post.
Here is the paper I used.  You can also purchase at Michaels.  watercolorteatowelcraftberrybush-11

There you go. Hope you enjoy. See you very soon.

much love,



  1. Jeanne says

    I just love your beautiful art- thank you for sharing! I hope your back heals quickly and I know from personal experience that it’s so hard to wait!

  2. Teddee Grace says

    I am totally committed to chiropractic for my bad back. But be sure to do your research and get a properly trained doctor. If you can find someone who graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota, I highly recommend their graduates. You can contact them and ask if they have anyone practicing in your area. Love your veggie transfers!

  3. Michele (Finch Rest) says

    Lucy, you are so talented and thoughtful.

    Praying for your healing. And please do rest and get well soon!!

  4. says

    I just love these! Super cute. I’m sorry to hear about your back. I am recovering from a spinal fusion. Back pain is no fun. And It’s nice to connect with someone who gets how hard it is to keep up with blogging when you can’t move well! I hope you have a quick recovery. Try alternating heat and ice packs on your back. Take care.
    Happy Decorating!

  5. Candy Pace says

    Lucy, opening your email is like opening a present, it’s called a Happy here in the South, from a friend. God provided you with some so many talents and thank you for sharing. The spring vegetables is the most precious gift. Praying for your back to heal.

  6. Toni says

    Could you please share the process of doing a transfer from one of your prints…..I’ve never done that before.
    Thanks so much. Toni

  7. says

    Thank you for the veggies. I’d like to make place mats with them. Do you consider embroidery to be altering them?

    I totally sympathize with your back problem and the being older/healing slower aspect. I’m in the same situation and I’m older than you. Ugh. I just have to plan everything to take longer … and longer, and make sure I see my chiropractor regularly.

  8. says

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