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Thank you so much for joining my friends and I today on the ‘Spring has Sprung’ home tour hosted by my friends Lory from Designthusiasm and Sheila at Maison de Cinq. If you’re coming over from Decor Gold Designs, welcome.

Today I’m giving you a glimpse into our family room makeover progress.  It’s still not finished but I’m liking the direction in which is going. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM, you may have seen us take shelves down on either side of the fireplace. We did this because we wanted to raise them a bit, add moulding to the top as well as crown moulding and trim to the entire space. Unfortunately, hubby had to travel for work and didn’t have time to finish before he left but while he was gone, I was supposed to paint the entire space but alas, only got half of it completed as I hurt my back and am currently sitting here in complete pain as I type this.
Nevertheless, I wanted to share our progress so I recruited my kiddos to help me put stuff back, move things around and somewhat put this place back together again. Thankfully, I recently partnered with ARTICLE who not only delivered, but assembled all the pieces for me. One of the pieces is these pretty lounge chairs. I love their modern feel and they’re super sturdy and comfy.


I feel my style starting to evolve again and these chairs add a nice modern but cozy feel. If you’re looking for modern, well made furniture I definitely recommend ARTICLE  I found the prices to be super competitive and they also provide a 30 day guarantee. Just in case.

I also ordered this coffee table and although the dark wood is a little different than what I’m accustomed to, I really like the contrast it brings to this space. Plus, it’s going to be perfect for the final reveal.

I also wanted to change the rug but with my bad back, I couldn’t go dig out the one I wanted from the basement so this one it is for now.
I originally wanted these green velvet pillows but they were sold out. So I went with the blue, which I still love.

The lamp is also from ARTICLE and it’s just so cool.

Here’s a better look at the current state of the mantel and shelves.
Keep in mind that it’s not completely done yet, but as you can see we brought forward the wall losing a lot of mantel space in the process, but I’m ok with it. As my taste evolves, I’m leaning towards simple and less. Gone are the days of elaborate mantel vignettes for me. You can find this basket HERE

I also didn’t get to play with styling the shelves so I sat back and directed the kiddies where to put stuff. I kept it super symmetrical for their own sanity…ha. It was actually kinda nice to sit back and boss them around (kidding). I’m so glad they’re old enough to help me when in need. They’ve been so sweet and they’ve spoiled my bedridden self. :)

Thank you so much for stopping by today. Please don’t forget to visit my sweet and dear friend Annie from Zevy Joy next.

much love,


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  1. says

    Lucy, the direction your room is going in is beautiful! I’m so sorry about your back, I hope you feel better soon! Isn’t it fun when the kids help out for styling and assisting? I love when my daughter helps me, and your kids did a fabulous job! Love your space and can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. says

    I’m loving the changes Lucy! And the builtin shelves look great, finished or not! I am so sorry you hurt your back. Back pain is just the worst. Hope you heal quickly!

    Thanks again for joining us Lucy and happy spring!


  3. Jayne Z says

    I really like the clean look you have achieved. I’m not one for all the clutter and nick nacks. I also like the addition of the darker wood because it anchors the room. Completely all white or light rooms float and to me are uncomfortable. GREAT JOB — and I am glad you include photos of your four-legged companion :)

  4. Elaine says

    Like other readers, I’m very sorry you have hurt your back, Lucy, and hope it eases soon. I also have back issues. I hope you’re sleeping with a pillow between your knees (it helps with proper alignment), use a heating pad for tight muscles and if it’s disc related, make sure, if you feel a sneeze coming on, to lean slightly backward (as if looking up at the ceiling). Your family room looks very stylish yet warm too. I found it interesting and timely you saying you are eliminating some vignettes as I’ve been feeling the VERY same way too. I find some decor blogs show a lot in their homes, and to me, they are starting to look too contrived, more like something one would do for a store display. There is a popular (US) blogger who had so many there wasn’t an empty spot to put down a glass or snack. I’ve noticed she is gradually paring back and her rooms look much better and more relaxing in my opinion. Take care of your back!

  5. says

    Lucy, your family room looks wonderful! I love the built-in shelves and clean look. You’ve managed to do something quite remarkable here and that’s to use mid century furniture in a way that still looks pretty and feminine, while also making it look unique. The style is so pervasive that rooms tend to look all the same, but not yours! It’s lovely and carries your unique touch!

  6. says

    I’m so sorry to hear about your back! It’s the worse I know! This is a big style change for you but I think it’s looking lovely! I’m loving the progress on the mantel! Hope you feel better soon girlfriend!

  7. Chloe says

    I love it! It looks so cozy, and yet simple and elegant. The furniture is great. I particularly like the couch. It amazing how amazing couches and armchairs can lift up your room style :)

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