Spa Christmas Gift Idea


Happy Thursday friends. I hope you’ve had a nice week so far. A couple of moths ago I went on a fun weekend getaway with some friends and part of the goodie bag included some amazing body scrub.
I’ve been meaning to buy more and then I had the idea of putting together a little spa Christmas gift idea basket for a friend or for yourself. Because you also deserve a gift!

Even though I called it a ‘Christmas gift idea’ this can really be for any time of year . I started with an old wine box I found at the thrift store but you can use a basket or a regular sturdy box.
I lined it with some tissue paper followed by some shredded paper. This gives it height and keeps the items nice and tucked in.

I then placed a little eucalyptus branch along with some fir, followed with a faux rose. You can replace the rose with some pinecones or omit it altogether.
I arranged various items like a nice flute glass some champagne and for the spa part of the gift, I placed some body scrub, body butter a bath bomb and a scented candle.


I also added a couple of Christmas bulbs and of course some chocolate…:)  spachristmasgiftcraftberrybush-5

You can tie a nice bow around the box if you wish and you’re done!

Isn’t it just so pretty? Who wouldn’t love receiving a little gift like this.

By the way, do you buy yourself a Christmas gift? I usually don’t but I really think that we should. :)

Thanks for stopping by today.

much love,


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  1. Pam Edmondson says

    Your ideas and photography are beautiful as always. And I love how we can see your reflection in each of the photos of the spa gift. ;-)

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