Christmas Home Tour 2017


Hello, friends…I hope you’ve had a great week so far.

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday and Christmas is only 19 days away. They say that as you get older, time seems to go by faster and faster and I guess it’s true.

Do you remember being a child and having to wait for your birthday or Christmas and it seemed like an eternity? Nowadays, the days turn into weeks and before you know it, months have gone by in no time. Experiencing how fast time is going has me craving family time so I promised myself I would work as hard as possible this week so I can truly enjoy the rest of the season without deadlines, instead spending time with family and lots and lots of painting.


I’m also dreaming of having spare time to clean the house top to bottom and FINALLY tackle the basement which seems to explode around this time of year. But for today, I want to welcome you to our home once again for a little Christmas tour. This time, I’m joining some of my Canadian blogger friends…


You can see more of our front porch HERE.

During the past few weeks, I have shared several peeks into our home all decorated for Christmas.

pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-15

You may have seen my pastel Christmas tree

festive christmas table craftberrybush

The festive tablescape

pastel christmas decor craftberrybush_-8

And the Holiday Housewalk.

Well, today I have a little surprise as I decided to start from scratch. Yep, you heard that right.

Even though I really loved the soft pastel colors with the flocked tree and I thank you all so very much for the kind words you offered, I was just not really feeling it.

I kept fidgeting with it, taking things away, putting them back. And each time I walked by the beautiful pastel tree, I’d think how pretty it was but it wasn’t making my heart sing. I think it had something to do with there not being any cohesiveness from one room to the next. That, and I’ve had my flocked tree for four years and it felt like it was time for a change.

So one late afternoon, I decided that I would just go for it and take the tree down and put up a new tree…


I moved a lot of things around and you know what? I love it.


I went in a completely different direction with this almost naked  Jasper-Fir tree from Canadian Tire.  I love how real it looks and I honestly didn’t want to fill it with ornaments, instead opting for a few scattered here and there (UPDATE: there are no ornaments on the tree as we speak. ha).


I still love the idea of having some fur and a snowy feeling around the tree so I did place some faux throws and rugs around the base…

christmashometourcraftberrybush-18 Christmashousetour2017-18
You may recognize these pretty lanterns I used HERE. I moved them inside and I love how they add an extra layer of sparkle to the tree.


I also moved both the rugs and the ottoman from our family room…

Christmashousetour2017-25 Christmashousetour2017-23






And the bench that had been in our Christmas bedroom


I set up an entire new tablescape using fresh greens similar to the ones on our banister and mantel…

I, of course, sprinkled some ‘snow’ over them…





I adore these pretty sugar cookies that I bought at a Christmas craft sale my sisters and mom had participated in over the weekend. I think they just look amazing paired with these modern ornaments also from Canadian Tire. Their Alpine line this year is amazing.





Moving on…

One of my favourite parts of decorating for Christmas is doing the banister. I will have a quick post explaining how I put it together…







My favourite part of this room is the garland and wreath and I have a tutorial for the wreath HERE.


black and white christmas tree craftberry bush_-27
I kept the flocked tree here but now it feels a little more cohesive because there’s also black and white in our dining room.

black and white christmas tree craftberry bush_-9


Here are a couple of photos I took quickly…



Here is the bench that is now downstairs. I kinda miss it in our bedroom so I might have to get another one. Thankfully it’s not too expensive.  You can see more of the bedroom HERE.



And there you go…a lot of change and maybe some unnecessary extra work but I truly feel that the decor in your home needs to make you feel warm and happy. It has to suit your own style needs and of course, season of your life.

I’d like to end this post by thanking you so much for your continued love and support and remind you that no matter whether you have a flocked tree, a real tree or a ‘Charlie Brown’ tree, what truly matters is the love you put into your home.

This is such a beautiful season to love, cherish and truly find joy in the little things.

Please don’t forget to visit my talented friends below and a big thank you to Shannon and Christina for hosting this tour.

much love,


Canadian Bloggers Home Tour Christmas 2017 pin img


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  1. says

    You nailed it. You needed green! LOVE these changes.

    Your home, your blog and your incredible photography – oh sigh – such a delight to visit you, Lucy!

    I love your gorgeous furry friend, too – such a photogenic pet! ♥

  2. says

    Lucy! I dream of having a home as beautiful as yours one day. I can’t get enough of scrolling through your beautiful photos. And your pup is so photogenic! Beautiful tour :)

  3. says

    One of my favourite tours this Christmas! Love the understated beauty and simplicity. And I totally agree with “no matter whether you have a flocked tree, a real tree or a ‘Charlie Brown’ tree, what truly matters is the love you put into your home. This is such a beautiful season to love, cherish and truly find joy in the little things.” Beautifully said. Happy Holidays, friend! xo, Shauna

  4. says

    FAVORITE EVER! That garland on your staircase Lucy!! HOLY CRAP! and the new tree… and the tablescape… and and and… basically seeing these pics makes me so happy!

  5. says

    This is gorgeous, Lucy!! Oh my word. I look forward every year to how you’re going to decorate and you never disappoint. I love that naked tree and of course your decorated pink tree. Gorgeous as always!
    Hugs, Jamie

  6. says

    Just spectacular! I pinned most of your photos. Your styling is exquisite. I especially like the feathery nature of your greenery with the unexpected inclusion of eucalyptus. Thanks for sharing your lovely holiday decor–very inspiring.

  7. says

    Lucy, it always brings me such joy to take your tours! Your photographs truly sparkle like they are straight out of a magazine. The styling. The light. The quality. Your home feels like a magical place! Stunning tour, as always. Enjoy the last few weeks before Christmas – hopefully time slows down for you!

  8. says

    Lucy I always look forward to your tours because they’re so inspirational, and this year it’s like two for one! Haha, I love both of your looks. This one with the greens and white and little bit of black is so pretty, and Christmasy and bright feeling. Everything looks amazing. Great job my friend.

  9. says

    Breathtaking, show stopping & beyond beautiful! I have been a massive fan of your style and blog for years now and I am so happy to say that in meeting you, you are even more wonderful in person, kind, sincere and giving to the smaller bloggers. I hope you and your lovely family have the best Christmas ever, filled with laughter and so much love.

  10. says

    Lucy, it’s like a fairy tale, like a dream. Absolutely gorgeous. I literally fall in love with your porch in the start but the rest of your home is no less. This white snow-ey look is driving me crazy.
    I have this salt lamp in my house which I could not see at your place, these lamps are incredibly beautiful and the orange yellow glow of these lamps make everything looks so gorgeous. I bought them from Saltean and I thought you would love them too.
    Anyways, happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

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