Christmas Front Porch



Hello friends. I hope you’re having a good weekend so far. I didn’t get to sleep in this weekend but I’m hoping to take a nap later on today.
I played around with the front porch this week and I think that It’s pretty much done.

I debated whether I should add some red, because I truly love how festive the red looks against the black door but I decided to just keep it all green.  Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-4


I added some ribbon that I found at Canadian Tire but I’m thinking even though I did a really good job last night, the wind messed it up overnight and I forgot to fix it prior to taking photos. (oops)

I wanted the ribbon to coordinate with gorgeous new lanterns also from the Canadian Tire Canvas Christmas Collection. 

I love making my planters from scratch, but you can find a selection of premade planters if you wish.

I get a lot of questions about where my garland is from and the truth is, that it’s a very inexpensive faux garland and I attach several pieces of real greenery to it. It’s kinda like hair extensions ha.  Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-10

I do the same to faux wreaths. It makes them look so nice and lush.  Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-11 Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-12 Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-13 Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-14 Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-15

Here’s our handsome guy wearing the cutest scarf ready for the season…:)  Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-17

I love how everything sparkles at Christmas. There really isn’t anything like it.  Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-18 Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-19

Thank you so much for stopping by today.

You can find more of the Canadian Tire Canvas Christmas Collection HERE.

much love,




After seeing the photos, I ended up taking off the ribbon and leaving just the garland…:) Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-23


  1. says

    Simply beautiful:-) And your dog is amazing:-) My dog doesn’t like taking pictures of him and it would be impossible to make him sit still:-)
    Greetings from Poland:-)

  2. says

    Looking past sweet Brody, I do love it without the ribbon. Your entry is beautiful, Lucy.
    I haven’t added ribbon to my porch decor, and now I think I’ll just live with it a few more days to see if I don’t prefer it without.

  3. Lori says

    I always love your front porch decorating, but for me, Brody invariably steals the show. He is the best looking front porch dog (as well as bedroom poser, too). Merry Christmas, Brody

  4. Sara Petrus says

    This is so pretty, love! And the perfect model as well. We have double doors as well, surrounded by stucco, and I cannot figure out a way to hang my Christmas garland. If you have any tips, I would appreciate it!

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