Hand Painted Easter Eggs

Hello, friends…I hope you’ve been keeping well. It has been a little quiet around here of late as I have been doing a lot of painting behind the scenes, moving things around and trying to refresh the house for Spring.

I purchased a couple of large (72″x48″) canvases the other day and though I enjoy painting in large scale, I find so much joy painting these little oval canvases.

I’ve used watercolor to paint my eggs the past few years and so this time, I decided to paint some sweet painterly flowers using acrylics.




I created a whimsical display using cuts outs of my paintings and incorporating them into the arrangement.

I will be setting up a sweet little tablescape next week using this color palette… handpaintedeastereggscraftberrybush-11

The sweet little bunny tray is from Birch Lane.



Thank you so much for stopping by. Please scroll below to see some of the other eggs I’ve painted over the years…:)

watercoloreggs Watercolor Ombre Easter Eggs

watercolorbutterflyeggscraftberrybush2 Watercolor Butterfly Easter Eggs

pinandbluepolkadoteastereggscraftberrybush Pastel Polka Dot Easter Eggs

goldeandmintEastereggcraftberrybush Golden Speckled Turquoise Easter Eggs

watercolorpansieseggscraftberrybush Watercolor Pansies Easter Eggs


  1. says

    These are so sweetly pretty Lucy! I’ve been following you on Instagram the last few years and own quite a few of your designs on pillows. Can you tell me what watercolor brand you use? I’m just starting to play with this medium and don’t know if Newton and Winsor is where I should start. Do you use tubes or the half pans? Thanks so much!!! xo Susan

  2. Gail Plaskiewicz says

    All of these are so pretty. You decorate the best Easter eggs! I wouldn’t want to peel them and eat them because them the designs wouldn’t be there anymore. However, you can’t keep them forever, can you? One year the Easter Bunny hid all our eggs but forgot to tell dad where he hid them all. We found 11. I think dad forgot where the Easter Bunny hid them all. About a week later or so, there was a horrible smell in our living room and guess what it was? Egg #12. I will never forget that smell. The next time the Easter Bunny hid eggs, dad made sure he remembered where the Easter Bunny hid all the eggs.

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