Spring in the kitchen


Hello friends. I hope your week is off to a great start. The sun was out this weekend and though it was a little cold and windy, the sun blesses my soul.  Over the weekend I bought some beautiful Freesias and some tulips. The colors make me so happy.  I didn’t realize how pretty Freesia smelled, but when I asked my daughter to sniff them, she said they smelled like pepper. Ha.  They actually do kinda smell like pepper, so weird. Nevertheless, they’re still beautiful.

Styled for Spring Home Tour Graphic Today some of my friends and I are sharing various spaces in  our homes with a touch of Spring. If you are coming from Jaime’s home, welcome!  Jaime is a fellow Canadian and I just adore her style.

I’m sharing  our kitchen and although I didn’t go overboard with Spring, by just bringing a few flowers and some potted plants, it already feels fresher.


I bought a couple of olive trees at our local nursery. I hope they last longer than the last ones I had. Olive trees don’t like a lot of water and love sun. I’ve placed them at a prime real state spot by the window so hopefully they will thrive there. I’ll keep you posted.   springkitchencraftberrybush-15
I also bought some fresh potted herbs and placed them here and there… springkitchencraftberrybush-16

springkitchencraftberrybush-4 I’m really loving our white kitchen, even though I’m really considering painting the island black.  I have the paint already, just not the courage to do it just yet.  springkitchencraftberrybush-5 springkitchencraftberrybush-6 springkitchencraftberrybush-7 springkitchencraftberrybush-8
I’ve also been craving lighter food lately though admittedly not actively acting upon that craving. Ha.   springkitchencraftberrybush-10

springkitchencraftberrybush-20 See what I mean? HA
springkitchencraftberrybush-21 springkitchencraftberrybush-22 springkitchencraftberrybush-24
I moved the bar cart to this spot for now. I love the versatility of bar carts don’t you? springkitchencraftberrybush-25



springkitchencraftberrybush-26 springkitchencraftberrybush-27 springkitchencraftberrybush-28 springkitchencraftberrybush-29 springkitchencraftberrybush-30
springkitchencraftberrybush-32 springkitchencraftberrybush-34 springkitchencraftberrybush-35
I ordered a pink rug a few weeks ago, but when it arrived,  it had more red and gray than the way it looks online. ugh I hate when that happens.   It will do for now though.  springkitchencraftberrybush-36 springkitchencraftberrybush-38



springkitchencraftberrybush-12 springkitchencraftberrybush-13 springkitchencraftberrybush-14 springkitchencraftberrybush-15 springkitchencraftberrybush-18 springkitchencraftberrybush-19

So there you go friends. A little touch of Spring. I’m looking forward to sharing more Easter and Spring decor as the season approaches.    In the mean time, I invite you to visit my sweet friend Annie and see her beautiful Spring touches.




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HERE ARE THE SOURCES FOR SOME OF THE ITEMS IN OUR KITCHEN. (affiliate links. Thank you for your support)



  1. Tiffany says

    Hi Lucy! You have such a beautiful kitchen! I’m sure you have answered this before but I am new here :) Where is your kitchen backsplash from? I also have an all white kitchen and have been waiting for THE backsplash that speaks to my heart and I may have found it with yours! Thanks!

  2. Deborah Tolland says

    I really like the island white.. and the back splash is beautiful I look at my dark, disorganized kitchen and I know that just adding some colorful flowers isn’t really going to change it enough to make me happy. I’ll give it a try though…I really do like tulips so I can start there.

  3. says

    Your kitchen is gorgeous, Lucy! I waffled back and forth about my kitchen being black too! But in the end I did a light grey, I chickened out lol. I think it will be gorgeous no matter what you decide.
    Hugs, Jamie

  4. says

    I love, Love, LOVE your herringbone backsplash! Is it marble? My kitchen cabinets are the same style (Shaker) as yours but in maple, and my handles, knobs are just like yours. You have excellent taste!

  5. says

    Incredibly beautiful Lucy! Your little olive tree is perfect. I’ve looked for a small one, but have yet to find one. Such a great kitchen tour and I can’t wait to see whether you decide to paint the island or not.

  6. Elizabeth Bullard says

    I love your kitchen flooring. It is the perfect neutral gray. Is it laminate or hardwood?

  7. Frances says

    Hi, Lucy! Your kitchen is beautiful! I would love to know the source for the wicker chairs.


  8. Lisa says

    Hi Lucy, Your kitchen is stunning! I think the island would look amazing painted black, or dark graphite. Can you please share a source for the wood chairs wth upholstered seats? THESE are the chairs that I need but have never been able to find!

  9. Kathy says

    After looking at your navy and turquoise accessories in your kitchen I wondered if you had considered painting your island navy blue? Black would look great as well.

  10. Jen says

    Hi! Your kitchen is just lovely. Love the spring touches.
    Where did you get the white board that your utensil crock is sitting on? Is it marble?
    Thanks so much!

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