Watercolor Desktop Calendar for February

February desktopcalendar 1280x1024

Can you believe the first month of the year is already done? To celebrate the month of ‘love’, I decided to give the calendar a little romance (I said that with a French accent…ha).

One of the reasons I love offering these free calendars, is it forces me to pick up a brush and practice my watercolor. I painted these roses over the weekend.

February desktopcalendarlightblue 1280x1024
As usual, I made several versions for you to choose from:


February desktopcalendar palinwhite1280x1024


And you can download the version by clicking the button above or HERE.


The one for your cell phone is a little simpler, but I hope you still enjoy it.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I’ll see you tomorrow with a cute little craft, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

much love,



  1. says

    These are all so beautiful! I look forward to the beginning of each month to see what new lovely calendar you have created. I use them on my desktop at work; they bring a nice spot of beauty to an otherwise dull space. Thank you so much for doing these. They brighten my life!

  2. Jobeard says

    The calendar is lovely. I was able to download January’s but can’t seem to down load this one. Anyone else having problems?

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