Faux farm table, an IKEA hack

 Hello my sweet friends!

Thank you so much for your sweet comments in yesterday’s post.
 It makes such a difference bringing color into your home, especially
when you’re feeling sick of all the snow and a little unmotivated.
Today I wanted to quickly share our faux farm table.
I didn’t take too many photos, but hope you’ll get the idea.
Not sure if this even counts as an IKEA hack 
but here is a picture of what the table looked like before.
 It’s the IKEA Bjursta extendable table. 
I liked the table once upon a time, but often times one can
outgrow certain styles and they no longer feel right in your home.
So we could discard and buy new, or make/re-purpose.  God knows,
I have been wanting to make a farm table for the last 5 years but am
a little scared of the saw and haven’t had the courage to make one.
But I know I’ll have to set that fear aside as there are
too many things I want to make that require a saw and
I sometimes feel as though I’m limiting my creativity.
But in the mean time, there’s something I am definitely
not scared of and that is paint, soooo…
I grabbed some paint, some brushes and faked it!

It will do for now and as soon as we thaw out
a little, I’ll be making saw dust non stop!  eek.

How about you?  Are there projects you’re afraid to tackle on your own?
Do you ever find yourself waiting/relying on others to start a project? 

Talk to you soon.

much love,

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  1. says

    This is awesome! We have the same IKEA table and I’ve sort of been wanting to change the look up a little bit, so I was super excited when I saw your post!!!! The table looks gorgeous!

  2. Aly says

    would also love a “how to” post, considering it’s veneer, etc. would love to know the products/techniques you used, and if it’s held up since! THank you!

  3. Mary says

    It’s lovely.
    Do you have instructions on how to do this and what paint color did you use?
    I have the same table and am also afraid of power tools. Thanks so much.

  4. says

    It’s such a good idea! I’ve got the same table, black one, and i can’t bear it anymore.
    How did you do that? I’m interested in a DIY topic about this :)
    Thank you so much for informations you can give to me about this.

  5. charlotte says

    I have the same table in black and would love to repaint it. Can you share with us how you did step by step? What king of paint did you choose ?
    Thanks, Charlotte from France

  6. k says

    I’ve been wanting to turn my kitchen table into a farm style table. Did you attach wood planks to the existing table or remove the table top? How did you get the “plank” look?

  7. Lucie says

    Hello !
    I am French and I love your table. but I do not understand how you do it to the shelf. you put the “platinum” above but you have removed the tray or just fix the boards above?
    can you help me please ?
    thank you very much ! :-)

  8. Erin says

    This looks amazing! I have the same table and am wanting to change it up! How did you do this?!?! I cannot find instructions.

  9. amanda cattoni says


    I would love to know more about how you made this table happen! I have the exact same table in black and I so desperately need to give her an old make over. Paint colours, technique?

    Thank you!

  10. Kitty says

    WAUW this is gorgeous! Lucy, can you pretty please share or thieves this new done? Your make over makes me want to run to the store right away. Thank you!

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