Keeping it Simple

Hello all!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend and are ready to take 
on a new week!  The weekend went by too fast for us
and as usual, I find myself wondering how time passes by so fast? 

This weekend we attended the funeral of a friend whose passing 
was unexpected.  It was difficult to witness the pain and sorrow family 
members felt as we know they didn’t have the chance to say goodbye.

Death has a way of putting things into perspective.  
You quickly realize there are many things that should be said 
daily – with every sunrise, every sunset, and the hours in between.  
We are all on borrowed time as the future is not ours.  Yet the 
present allows us to be precisely that – present. 

We should love deeply and live fully.  Say what we have to say
today, in the now.  Life is simple and yet we have a remarkable 
tendency to make it complicated by caring for things at the end of
the day that really don’t matter.  What matters are the relationships
with those you love and the legacy you will one day leave behind.
Do you remember the pretty wild flower arrangement? 
Once the wild flowers had their time, I kept the beautiful hydrangeas on their own. 
Pretty – yet simple – sitting alone in the little burlap vase.

Just trying to keep it simple.


  1. says

    Hi Lucy,
    I am so sorry for your loss. I will be praying for you and all who knew them. Your simple fall vase inspires me…just so lovely…but then everything here always is.

    May God give you all peace and comfort.

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