Bright and Cheery Abstract Art

Hello everyone!  I hope your week is off to a great start!  If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know we celebrated Family Day here in Ontario on Monday.  I think it’s such a beautiful holiday to have.  Even though it was bright  and sunny outside, we spent most of the day indoors as it was cold and windy. 

It’s right about this time when I start to feel like winter is never going to end and I long for the warm days of Spring and Summer .

So this weekend, I decided it was time to bring a little colour into our home, and what better way to do it than with some art.

The kiddies got right into the action and I love the thought that their little finger prints are forever embedded in this cheery art.

I cleared my mantel and simply placed the beautiful tulips I received for Valentine’s Day.  Aren’t they beautiful?

There really is no rhyme or reason to abstract art.  As art is a form of self expression, when creating this type of art you need your soul to do the painting.

As we painted, the kiddies asked what we were creating and my answer was whatever they wanted  it to be. 

To me, the pictures have the movement of fields in bloom; to them, it was the ocean.  And so it goes – art will be different for everyone and it will move you in a different way every time.

Some of you may like it, while some may not.  And that’s okay because I’ve learned that exposing your art to positive or negative criticism is part of the artistic and creative growth.  So what do you say?  Why don’t you go and get a little messy and do some finger painting of your own?

I hope you have a bright and cheery day! 

much love,


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    Typically I’m not that “in to” abstract art but I have to say I LOVE THESE!!! You are right, I see fields of flowers – the ocean – sunshine – it’s all so cheery! I adore the colors too!!! Brilliant job!! And how sweet that you made them with your kiddo’s – what a memory!! ~ Hugs, Jennifer

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    Oh, I adore abstract art. My husband isn’t quite as fond so I get a lot of weird looks at the things I want to purchase {or actually purchase/make}. These are gorgeous! What a great idea to get the kids involved too.

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    I love that you enabled your kids’ creativity! I’m inspired; my kids and I haven’t painted together in a while. They LOVE it when I display their art. Your bright paintings will be extra meaningful, made by their hands. Very cool. I’m with you…craving sunshine and growth again. Time to curl up with garden catalogs! Lynaea @

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    Beautiful! I’ve been getting into painting and being all arty recently! This has inspired me! I might try something similar with finger painting soon!

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    Totally love these! Wish I had some little fingers to paint for me…
    I wonder if I have the courage to play. I have not painted anything in many years.
    Michaels has canvas on sale…I feel my inner child getting excited!
    Thanks for sharing this.

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    I totally here ya there! I always feel like winter is in a “forever” state at this stage :) LOVE the finger print art!! It’s so bright and cheery. Just what I needed to remind me spring is closer than I think :) ~Bre

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    I came over from ScrapScene and am so happy that I did. These abstracts are so happy. How sweet that yours are made up of little fingerprints. They remind me of Monet – in an abstract way of course.

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    Gosh, that picture with the yellow tulips in pitcher on mantel would blend in perfect in my newly painted sunroom..Are the tulips actually in that pitcher/vase sitting on the mantel with the canvas that your kids helped you create behind the real flowers? Or did you actually paint the tulips in pitcher/vase after they finished their creativity. I’ve been looking for a print to have framed that would go along with my tropical theme look and haven’t come up with anything that strikes my eye but birds like colorful parrotts or McCaw’s.

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