HAPPY HOUR Linky Party – Lucky Number 13

Hi again!  It’s Thursday night and time to get together once again and share our week.  Thank you for coming! 

This week I shared some of the details that were not pictured during the house tour.  Including the hutch, the front porch and a few vignettes using winter greens.  I also posted a couple of (obvious) tips on how to preserve them a little longer.  After having a couple of very hectic weeks, I am now enjoying some down time and managed to do a little watercolor.  I have the best of intentions to make some hand painted Christmas cards this year and will hopefully get them done…fingers crossed. 

On the home front, my parent’s 40th anniversary ‘party’ last weekend was a great success. They were not only surprised but told us they felt loved and appreciated, which meant the world to my siblings and I.  Speaking of, have you met my family?  I’m the oldest of five but I feel as though I gave the “oldest” right to my younger brother, standing behind me.  While two years younger, he’s wiser and more mature than I.  Next is my beautiful sister at the far right.  There used to be a time when people couldn’t tell us apart, but I guess that was before I started to ‘mature’ age wise..ha.  My (not so) little brother in the back is our free spirited artist/musician and he has an independent and entrepreneurial heart that I admire and wish I had.  The baby of the family at the front is the family’s sweetheart.  She is tender and quiet, yet sharp and quick with her wit.  And last but not least are my amazing parents, who we just adore.  I am so blessed to be surrounded by so much love.

I love how Taryn has embraced Christmas and has shown us so many amazing crafts this month.  She shared a super easy and beautiful way to dress up dollar store hurricane vases as well as her first ever Christmas vignette.  I think she did pretty good, don’t you?  That sweet little wreath ornament is made out of clay, but you have to see the other ornament that goes along with it.  So sweet.  And finally, Christmas is about giving back and Taryn did just that and made several people very happy this Christmas. 

Thanks Taryn…xo

I love Jaime’s quiet and subtle Christmas decor.  It’s true to her style and don’t you just LOVE that wreath?  I want to wear it and snuggle next to it.  I could start a new trend of wearing wreaths around your neck?  Maybe we’ll just leave it on the wall and admire it from afar.  And of course, a beautiful star ornament that has Jaime’s signature stamp all over it.   I adore how she uses stamps in her decor. Beautiful !

And now…..drum roll please.  This is what you’ve been up to…


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    Happy Anniversary to your parents. Your family is as beautiful as you are. I can tell that you are happy family-there is a look of peace in your eyes that can only come from the heart- Blessings…xo Diana

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    Lucy this is a great link party, I’ve enjoyed going through so many new blogs. Thanks so much for all the Christmas inspiration.
    Your family is beautiful I can see all the happiness in your picture.
    Have a great holiday!

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    your youngest sister sounds just like mine :) loved looking through your beautiful posts from this week. your watercolor painting is simply beautiful!

    thank you ladies once again for the party!

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