Mini Halloween House Tour with Eclectically Vintage and Jennifer Rizzo

Hello everyone!  How is your week so far? 

Can you believe Halloween is only a week away?  And there are only 61 days until Christmas.  That’s exciting, but before we get too far into the next season, I wanted to take you on a mini Halloween House tour along with two amazingly talented bloggers.  Kelly from Eclectically Vintage and Jennifer Rizzo.  What an honour to be a ‘neighbour’ of these two ladies.

I’ve mentioned before that Halloween is not one of those ‘holidays’ I’m too crazy about, but this year I stepped out of my comfort zone by putting together some Halloween decor around the house here and there…

Come on in….

The Front Porch…

I put together a little vignette on our front porch using more traditional Halloween/fall colours.  I don’t like the bloody/gory Halloween decor so I placed one of the trusty DS crows, which still represents Halloween, but in a more subtle way. 

You might have already seen the little Minion pumpkins I had painted for the kiddies.  I think the trick-o-treaters will enjoy having them welcome them on Halloween…(you can see more pictures of them here)

The Front Entrance…

 Our front entrance vignette is very simple.  I placed some more 
crows and an old book (not of ‘spells’, but old Catholic poems).

 Some spider webs hanging from the mirror and a 
tiny little mouse standing on the baby boo pumpkin.

The Dining Room hutch…

Remember the hutch I decorated for fall (here)?  It has also 
been transformed and taken over by these pesky little crows.

As I was placing the mice inside the 
hutch, I actually got a little grossed out…

But I kinda love this little guy sitting at the 
edge of the hutch, looking for something to eat…

Some more books and if you look closely at the mouse, 
you can see I have attached it using white sticky tack.

I also used it for the swarm of ants, who 
sadly for them, walked right into the spider web.

It was quite easy to convert the hutch 
by simply adding some black elements…

Like the crows, the little candy jars, the mice and…

the crepe Anamones…

The Family Room Mantel…

You might have already seen this room.  Our family room is probably one of my favourite rooms as it’s where the mantel is located and it becomes the focal point of the room as well as the primary source of inspiration for the rest of the house.

Using old frames, dollar store crows and some creepy black gauze, I was able to transform our mantel into a spooky yet (hopefully) classy Halloween display…

I love incorporating our old cameras into my decor whenever I can…

Well, that’s it for this mini Halloween house tour.
 Thank you for coming along with me and touring some of our home…

Now it’s time to head over to Kelly and Jennifer’s House for their Halloween house tour……but BEWARE!!!

 Click on the button to take you into each of their homes.


  1. says

    I’m in love with your black and white Halloween house! Makes me want to run out and buy dozens of white pumpkins.

    That swarm of ants is creepy (I was going to say fabulous – but can a swarm of ants really be fabulous?).

    I’ll be crowing about your house to all the ghouls!

    Glad to be house hopping with you.

  2. says

    Jennifer, I hope you don’t mind if I use your pictures as inspiration for next years halloween decorations. My FAVORITE is your catholic poems instead of spells. Some people do not know that halloween is all hallows eve, which is the night before all souls day. I do not like the demonic version of halloween.

  3. says

    every single little last detail is just AMAZING lu! Hugs! I love the black and white theme that you have and I have to say also that you added the fun pumpkins out front…. they are just the best! You are amazing!

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