Fresh and succulent…

I hope you all had a great weekend and if you’re a mommy, I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day.
I had a beautiful day as my kiddies had made me feel loved and so very special with little homemade gifts they had worked so hard to make.
The most beautiful part of it all was at the end of the day when the kiddies sat me down on the couch and then ‘performed’  a song they had written.  My Bella sang while Tristan played the piano, to the best of his abilities.
The words to the song – although simple – made me cry tears of joy because they get it.  They get what family and loving one another means and that is priceless…
I will share the words to the song and some pictures of their creations in a later post…so beautiful…sigh!
In the mean time, I want to show you the latest craftberry.  Isn’t it fresh?
I love succulents and have been wanting to make a little terrarium…

But I wanted something different, and so I went to work…
I was inspired by this West Elm planter.  I couldn’t find a direct link to it (sorry), but I had saved the picture on my computer.

A couple of months ago, I was honoured by being ‘crowned’ the DIY monthly winner (you can find the winning project here).  One of the prizes was a box full of Gorilla glue products.
Oh my!  The possibilities.  For this particular project, I used the Gorilla Epoxy.
I glued clear glasses in between dollar store ceramic bowls.  I decided not to spray paint the glasses because I knew they would not be visible once the plants were in.  I used different size bowls with an opening wide enough to insert plants.
Succulents are drought resistant and prefer drier soil.  In order to draw moist away from the soil, you need to place a layer of gravel or pumice rock at the bottom of the container.  I added a layer of sand on top of the gravel (although I’m not sure if this was necessary) and then a layer of potting soil.
As I am not an expert on this topic, you can find some more information here
I also bought a small bag of river rocks at the dollar store to place on top as decoration.  The moss I picked up from my yard.
Arrange the plants as desired, cover roots with potting soil and add some embellishments, such as rocks or pieces of driftwood.
Once you are happy with your arrangement, gently brush away any soil that  might have gotten caught in between the leafs of the succulent.
The entire project cost under $8.00…not too bad huh? 
And here is an extra tip: if you look  at the succulent on the right, you will notice that it is not a real one.  I purchased an artificial one at the dollar store.  It came in a tiny little terracotta pot and I just pulled it out and ‘planted’ it in its roomier home.
Here are the two versions, side by side….
She is so pretty sitting next to those gorgeous books, which I was lucky enough to find at our local second hand store. They are not very old per se, but I loved the color and I can’t stop reading those beautiful poems. The green one is a compilation of all of Shakespeare’s books.
Another week is yet again upon us, the days are getting warmer,  the trees outside our window are looking greener and the Craftberry Bush is blooming with creativity.
I look forward to sharing some of it’s blooms with you.  Thank you for cultivating with me.
Much love,
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  1. says

    Lucy- I love that planter you put together! It is wonderful. I have never grown succulents-I guess I always think of them as being deser plants! AND they look great next to those books!

    I will look forward to reading the song the kids performed for you- They “get it” because you are their Mom and YOU “get it”. xxoo Diana

  2. says

    That turned out so good Lucy. I like yours better than the one from West Elm.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother’s Day with some very special children :)

    hugs ♥ tricia

  3. says

    LOVE this planter and the succulents you’ve got in there! The tastefully shot photographs add to the beauty of this post. Found yours through craftomaniac, glad I did :)

  4. says

    Love yours better than West Elm too! And whatevs! No way is this project wompwompwomp! You rocked this one! :) I love me some succulents in any way, shape or form!

    Thanks for the follow, and right back atcha!

  5. says

    Thank you for following my blog Lucy; I’m honoured :) I love reading your blog, your creations are adorable and you take such great photos! x

  6. says

    The Dollar Tree?
    Oh, thank God for that store!
    No, I couldn’t tell that the succulent was fake!
    I have a collection of vintage white ironstone planters, wonder what messes I can make today?
    Thank you for the inspiration!!
    Hugs and blessings to you and your home!

  7. says

    Oh my! Very beautiful……I think I may need to borrow your idea for my screened in porch! Love your photography, too;)!

  8. says

    These are so great! I just bought suculents and did a post about them! I have plans to plant them in the garden this weekend, but I might just have to save a few and do this idea for inside! So gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  9. says

    super cute. I am so excited to make one for my office and my husband’s office. Both of us moved to new offices this month and I think this will be a great additon to our new workspaces. Thanks for sharing. I loved it.

  10. says

    I’ve been looking for a creative way to display my succulents. Think they are finally going to get a new home! Thanks for the idea.

  11. says

    I like your version of the planter much better than the ‘kitchen tool holder’ look of the West Elm verson. So simple & I love the price. Thank you for sharing.

  12. says

    Oh I LOVE it! I thought maybe you drilled holes and used a dowel..that’s how I did my tipsy pots…

    LOVE the glue…I’m gonna have to try that! I pinned it and now I’m gonna share on FB….

    New follower too:-)

  13. says

    I love this! I’ve been seeing it floating over the blogosphere and my first thought is, “I’ve seen that on Craftberry!” You’re famous! :)

  14. Rolene Will says

    Hi Lucy

    Thank you for sharing you lovely ideas.
    Do you have a tutorial on the watercolor Easter Eggs. Would love to learn how you make the beautiful
    butterfly eggs.

    Thank you.

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