How to Bring Hygge Into Your Life


Our poor daughter was coughing throughout the night and didn’t sleep at all. By 5am, I had made the decision I would keep her home from school that day and as I was calling the school to report her absenteeism, I received a notification from the school board that all school buses would be canceled that day due to freezing rain that had been falling for several hours.

The rain tapping on the window and the darkness of the early morning made starting the new day difficult. As I reluctantly walked downstairs to let Brody out and see the boys off to school, I took one look outside and knew today would be the perfect day to make the best of a dreary winter day and give this thing called ‘Hygge’ a try.


I heard about Hygge (pronounced ‘hue-gah’) last year and quickly became intrigued. If you have never heard of Hygge, it is the way Danish create a warm atmosphere and enjoy the good things in life surrounded by family and friends.

The term loosely translates to ‘coziness’ or ‘wellbeing’ in Norwegian and in essence, this type of lifestyle embraces everything that brings you joy and comfort. Not only through decor but in your everyday life. What a noble thought to be able to surround yourself with only those things that bring you comfort and joy and detox from the news, social media and all those things that might rob your joy.

For me, embracing Hygge at home means surrounding myself with all things cozy. Soft textures like faux fur, chunky knitted throws and of course comfy oversized sweaters.

Lots of candles – scented or otherwise – and simple votives or the warmth of a roaring fire adds to the coziness of your Hygge home.


Disconnecting from technology and spending time doing those things you love doing, be it enjoying your favourite hot beverage while reading your favourite book or flipping through a magazine.


Or perhaps knitting….

watercolorrosecrowncraftberrybush (3 of 3)

Or in my case, creating art.


Hygge also embraces conversation and community, gathering and feasting with family and friends. Lingering at the dinner table after a meal and creating intimacy and a connection.

It’s about appreciating the small joys in life at all times and being present and enjoying the moment.

It’s wearing your comfy slippers, sweats or your coziest sweater…

Hygge settings are about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, but Hygge is not only for winter. It can be enjoyed any time of year and anywhere you are.

It reminds me of a quote I once read “wherever you are, be all there”

What do you think? Wouldn’t it be beautiful to live each day in a Hygge way?

I invite you to visit my friends and see how they cozy up their home for winter…



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  1. nancy faith says

    Thank you for this post. I have never heard of Hygge before but the concept is wonderful. I have in recent months thought I should take a break from all this stuff referred to as social media. Whether it be current event news (of which how much is based on fact is still questionable) to drooling over the gorgeous pictures on IG to following the peeps, such as yourself, on their blog posts. For me, the stress comes from feeling underperformed in terms of looking at everyone else’s life through rose colored glasses of the internet. “If only my home would be that ‘magazine ready” look (perhaps I am failing at keeping a tidy home) – – “why do my crafts lack the ‘luster’ that the ones online produce” (perhaps I am not as artistic as my heart has me to believe) — “how do others keep up with their social media accounts along with posting gorgeous pictures and blog posts and the like” (where I get stressed at getting just a day behind and have people asking…”did you see this or that?” ….. And that is the struggle with unplugging from it all… Had I followed through with that at the beginning of the year (an idea I toyed with) I would have missed your lovely post today… a post about detoxing ones self from social media. *ha* the ironic vicious circle………

    • says

      I know exactly what you mean, Nancy. I do worry sometimes that decor blogs might make us feel we don’t measure up, or sometimes, might create what I call “the I wants” …. meaning we want to get rid of a perfectly good table or chair, run out and duplicate what is shown on a certain decor blog. I think you have to find a happy medium and, perhaps, follow just one or two blogs (such as Lucy’s!) that don’t create the “I wants” or envy or any negativity and realize none of us have picture perfect homes. I find Lucy’s blog is so warm and down to earth and she isn’t constantly getting rid of perfectly good furniture or decor items for all new things or to follow a fleeting trend like some bloggers I’ve read about. Instead, she shows us crafts and DIY’s that are low in cost (I made her cotton boll branches, for example) that can give a room a lift at very little cost. I also like her blog because her home isn’t a carbon copy of others but has its own unique style. I probably haven’t worded this very well but hope you can follow what I’m trying to say.

      • Nancy Faith says

        Thank you Elaine. I definitely understood what you wrote. I have started to pare down some of the “follows” and I agree that too many are overdone. so hopefully just getting more simplified on social media will help remove the stress

  2. says

    Absolutely stunning photos that capture the fabulous decor you’ve put together and make the viewer feel TOTALLY cozy! Love it! Pinned…

  3. says

    I’ve never heard of this before, but I love the concept. Today is the perfect day to embrace cozy, comfort and relaxing by the fire. It’s cold, wet and dreary outside, I don’t want to leave the house, but just cuddle up by the fire with a good book. Thanks for putting a name to that desire.

  4. Gail Plaskiewicz says

    I have to look at all the posts you sent but I think Hygge sounds like fun. I live in northwest CT so growing up we had plenty of snow. I remember the snowstorm in the 70’s where our state was shut down for 3 days. Unless you were a policeman, nurse, doctor or fireman or worked for the city plowing roads, you were not allowed out of your home in a car. We ran out of bread and milk and my sister cross country skied to the store! The storm was so bad they were actually selling tee shirts saying I survived the snowstorm of 1976. We got blankets out, put a fire in the fire place and hunkered down. No one was going to school or work. We played games, ate warm food like soup and sandwiches and tried to stay warm. We didn’t loose power thank the Lord but plenty of people did. Ah, the memories! LOL
    I love your photos and your comfy bootie slippers. My mom has a pair kind of like those.
    I just love being comfy cozy in the winter but when you have to be when you loose power for 3 days which happened 5 years ago I think and we had to go to my sisters because she has a gas stove but no fireplace, it’s not so much fun. I wouldn’t want to go through that again ever.
    I hope your daughter feels better soon. There is something going around in the states that everyone has and they are sick for days and weeks. I hope it’s not headed up where you live.

  5. Ann says

    I am married to a Dane, and we cherish our Hygge moments immensely.
    It’s so wonderful to know that simple things in life are once again taking central stage in our lives.
    Cheers to all

  6. Margot says


    What a beautiful pictures you made there, very stunning. I have one question. I am from the netherlands and for a presentation about indoor aire I would like to use one of your pictures (no. 4 on this page) as background. I would use it one’s and i am not using it for any publications. Can i please use your picture. Thank you in advance.

    Best Regards,

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