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Hello Craftberry Bush friends! It’s Annie from Zevy Joy and I’m grateful to once again be here with you today.

I am back sharing a simple DIY for some Fringed Wall Art. I know that macrame and fringed pieces have been popular as of late and are a really fun way to decorate your home!


I was picking up a few necessities while out running errands the other day and was browsing the children’s department when I came across a darling anchor wall tapestry (here). I realized how simple it would be to make one using an accent rug in my style and made to match the tone of our own decor at home.


As luck would have it, we passed the rug aisle and I quickly picked up this accent rug (here) on sale. I was drawn to the colors and put the two ideas together deciding to make some wall art of my own.


I picked up the rest of the supplies at my local craft store and within an hour, the project was finished and hanging on our wall shortly after.

Here is what you will need to make one too…


  • Wooden dowel sized 3/4 of an inch in diameter and cut to size if needed (mine measured 29″ long and I kept a couple of inches hanging out on each side)
  • Small accent rug in any style or color
  • Glue gun and glue sticks or fabric glue (make sure if you are using the glue gun and sticks to be certain your material or rug is not flammable… It is important to be careful with the heat from the glue gun)
  • Skein of yarn of any size or texture
  • Tapestry or yarn needle for threading yarn into rug
  • Scissors

Keep in mind, your measurements may be different depending on the size rug you use. Here are the simple steps to follow when making one of your own…


  • Cut your yarn to size for the fringe portion of this project (my strands measured about 30″ long).
  • Make a loop and thread a piece of yarn into the yarn needle. Run it through the bottom of the rug pulling the loop out.
  • Take the two loose strings and thread them into the loop using your fingers and pull taught.
  • Knot at the base to hold this fringe in place. Continue to do this until you have filled the bottom length of your rug. Trim the edges.
  • Fold the top un-fringed portion of your rug (I folded it over about 10″) and place the dowel where you would like it. Begin gluing your dowel in place (I glued a small section of a straight line at a time, then I would roll it and glue again until it was covered).
  • Now the dowel should be secure in place and you can glue the sides of the folded over rug so the entire piece is secure.
  • Next, I braided several pieces of yarn (measuring around 60″ long) and tied it onto the ends of my dowel. I secured it by tying each strand of the braid onto itself tightly.
  • Lastly, I hung a string of blue wooden beads from one side to add even more detail. This could be done with a tassel or pom too.

That is it and now you can hang your new wall art!


There are so many variations you could make with this project. For example, you could add more fringe throughout the rug using this technique (here) or you could trim the fringe to be different lengths and colors, etc.

I have also seen rugs that already have the texture and fringe. Even better, you may already have a rug on hand that you are no longer using to now enjoy on your wall instead of your floor!


I really am liking the bright colors of this new piece. It is a little out of my decor comfort zone as I tend to use so many neutrals, but I am happy to have a fun little statement piece.


To blend this new art with my current decor style, I just added a pillow trimmed with a pop of color and some chartreuse snowball flowers. These simple additions already work with the pieces in our home but help meld the different styles.


Don’t be afraid to add a little color (as in my case) or some detail like fringe. Mixing these styles can make things interesting and can easily be moved around when you are ready for a change once again.


I couldn’t resist sharing this sweet bloom that resembled the shape of a heart, showing just how I feel about the chance to visit with you here! Have a great week and thank you Lucy for having me!


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    This looks amazing on the wall. I love seeing things like rugs repurposed for beautiful home decor. Upcycling is my favorite. Thank you for sharing!

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