Simple Neutral Fall Tablescape

I’m so honored to participate in another fall tablescape tour with my beautiful and talented friend Bre from Rooms for Rent.

This week, I’ve seen so many beautiful tablescapes. I love seeing these beautiful images and draw so much inspiration from them, but I know that in the next couple of weeks, we are going to be bombarded with beautiful photos and perfect holiday settings. I will be participating in various tours and sharing photos taken by both professionals and myself as part of brand campaigns.

Though I love sharing ideas and hopefully offering some inspiration, I know (from experience) that during this time of year we start to play the comparison game. It’s why it’s so important for me to remind you that when you see these beautiful images across your screens, they should serve you as what they are intend to be – inspiration. Not a measuring tool against which you should compare your own decor or your own home.

I truly believe that if you embrace your home and decorate with love and with an open mind, you can create a space that is not only beautiful but that you can be proud to call home.

A few years ago, our family experienced serious financial distress and we were on the brink of having to sell our home. It was during those times when I was reminded God always provides. It was also during those hard times when my creativity blossomed as I made due with what we had, and something wonderful happened, I fell in love with our home.

So today, I wanted to share images of a very simple table.

One that I put together with items we already owned, but that I think evokes warmth.

The runner is a drop cloth which I bleached and washed several times to give it a very supple and linen like texture. I then laid out all my cutting boards across the table to
serve as the anchor to the centrepiece.

The centerpiece is just a couple of pumpkins, some pears…


…and lots of bread. Which if I could bake, I would make fresh everyday (so it’s probably better that I don’t bake).

I love surrounding our home with throws, not only to protect our furniture from dirty paws but because at any given time, I can just wrap a throw around me and immediately feel a sense of warmth and calm.


I went out and foraged, finding these beautiful reeds, some dried thistles and a few sprigs of wheat I already owned, and used them for my humble arrangement.


I really like that it’s sparse, yet cohesive with the rest of the color scheme.

I wanted to share a close up of this beautiful wall art as several people have asked me its origin. It’s from Between You and Me signs and  you can find it here. To this day, it’s one of the most precious gifts I’ve ever received.

But I also want to show you this…

I shared this pretty tablescape yesterday…

…but I wanted to show you a little bit of what was behind the camera. As you can see, I’ve moved the chair out of the way. On which lays some wood hubby was using from another project. Yesterdays floral arrangement is randomly placed on my coffee table along with a grapefruit and a little pine tree left from a Christmas shoot.

Though I try to keep our home clean and tidy, the process of setting up photos is messy and it’s often that part that gets taken out of the frame. All you’re left are those beautiful images and sadly the ones we compare ourselves to and try to achieve.


So as you start to see those beautiful images across your screen this upcoming holiday season, please remember that there’s is always a behind the scenes. Because life is beautifully messy.

Thank you so much for visiting today.

much love,






I invite you to visit my talented friends and their beautiful tablescapes.

Day 4 Collage

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  1. Rose Aesoph says

    I love your blog posts! Would you mind sharing where your white dishes are from? I know Pottery Barn has some similar but yours look more white :)

    Thank you for inspiring me!


    • says

      Hi Rose…thank you for your kind words. Would you believe me if I told you they’re from the Dollar Store?
      Mind you, they cost $2 not one. ha .
      I love Pottery Barn, but I wanted to show how you don’t need a lot of money to create something meaningful and beautiful. Thank you so much for dropping by…xo

  2. says

    Such a gorgeous table setting, Lucy! I also love that pink/ruby color centerpiece you did the other day. Just breathtaking and the color is scrumptious! One day I will be brave enough to show photos of what the rest of the room looks like during a photo shoot. :) It’s pretty scary!

  3. says

    Lucy, your table is truly the essence of what Thanksgiving is all about. And thanks for sharing your grateful heart! You are one of the most beautiful women I know … inside and out! Blessings to you my amazing friend!

  4. Danielle says

    I love that beautiful throw! Where is it from? I have been on the lookout for one like that for a while.

    The table looks so welcoming and relaxed, like “c’mon over and sit down!”. Love it!

  5. says

    I adore the simplistic touch of your nature based Thanksgiving Tablescape, dear one!!!
    I, honestly, adore a very formal and fussy Traditional Tablescape. . .
    but my family does not appreciate all the formality!!!
    I, still, may put cloth napkins on our thanksgiving Table. . .
    but I’ll place paper ones underneath the place settings, as well!!! (wink!)
    The bread board is such a warming touch and I adore the pears, too!!!
    A throw is always welcoming on cooler days and evenings!!! That plaid is stunning!!!
    Thank you for inspiring me to begin to get some details to my Thanksgiving Tablescape in the making!!!

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