Mini Herb Wreath


herbsagewreath The other day I made these really cute mini herb wreaths which I thought would look super sweet attached to a food gift.
I decided to go ahead and take some photos of these cute little wreaths and of course stage them in my own style.

I took photos to explain the process in which I had made them.

I even have one of those foodie photos showing my hands holding the cute mortar and pestle my mother in law gave me a few years back.
I decided to crush dried herbs to put inside the jar.
herbsgift2 I cut and made a little book page tag and stamped the word ‘herbs’ on it and carefully attached it to the little herb jar…
(Twine and canvas kindly provided by Canvas Corp)

herbwreathonbook2 And finally, I would attach it to a sweet little jar full of dried herbs.
herbwreath All was going well until I reviewed my photos and realized that I didn’t take one photo of the wreath actually attached to the little jar…
herbwreathonbook2 And since that was the entire point of the post, now you just get to imagine how cute the wreath would have looked crowning the top of that jar.
I think I need to get a little more sleep. Let’s call this one #blogpostfail

Thank you so much for being here. I appreciate you.

much love,



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  1. Wendy says

    No! This was definitely NOT a “FAIL”! Such an adorable idea. You inspire me alot! Thanks for sharing your “TALENT” with us! 8)

  2. Sara Gibson says

    Oh goodness, I have totally done the same thing!

    The mini herb wreaths are just adorable though! Love ‘em!

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