Crepe paper cabbage rose tutorial


I hope you’re not getting tired of my paper flowers as I really enjoy making them and sharing the how to. I’ve been thinking about this particular flower for a while now and since it’s my niece’s birthday this weekend, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make it and use it as a gift topper.

Want to see how easy this was to make?

Pink crepe paper
Glue gun
Thick cardboard or cardstock
Optional: Artificial flower for stamen.


1. Cut 5 long strips of crepe paper, making sure the grain is vertical (these measured approx. 2″ x 14″ long)
2. Fold with an accordion fold
3. Cut a straight cut at the bottom and a curve at the top as shown
4. Wrap the piece you just created around a barrel shaped item, such as a pencil or pen; press tightly around it
5. It should provide a nice curvature on the paper
6. Unfold and set aside
7. Cut a round piece of thick cardstock or cardboard
8. Optional: Remove stamen from inexpensive artificial flowers.
9. Pierce a hole and place stamen into the hole; remove stamen and set aside
10. Apply some hot glue onto cardboard circle and loosely glue the accordions onto cardboard


11. Cut several circular petals
12. Cup petals and cut a slit to the mid point of the petal through the centre along the grain
13. Overlap cut sides and glue in place
14. Add some glue to the underside of the cardboard and glue petals all around
15. Optional: Place stamen through previously made hole
16. Shape flower by cupping it in your hand and closing the petals over


Apply some glue and adhere onto wrapped gift box. I also added a few of these leaves for a little more whimsy.


Paper flowers are so pretty, don’t you think?  It inspires me to make an entire wreath out of them.

As always, thank you so much for visiting me.

Have a beautiful day!

Much love,



  1. Janet says

    Thank you so much Lucy for posting this. I love pink roses and these are so beautiful and really look real. I am definetly going to make some. I love all your paper flowers. Have a great day

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