Thursday, March 27, 2014

*Rice Krispies Easter chick pops

 I'm kinda in love with these little guys. Aren't they so cute?
 I thought of making these 
 for the kiddies for a while and I finally got around to it. 
Needless to say, it was a sweet and delicious surprise for them. 
They are *Rice Krispies balls dipped in chocolate 
and then sprinkled with coconut! Easy right?
Their little beaks are mini chocolate chips,
 their eyes are purple sprinkles and their feet are little star sprinkles.
 I dyed the coconut with food coloring to match the color of the chocolate. 
You can even make them little nests if you wish.
 How sweet for a baby shower or birthday party don't you think?
Super cute, super simple to make and delicious to eat...:) 

I purchased these cute little chick bowls last year and had forgotten about them until I was looking for something yellow to coordinate for the photo.
 It was a sweet coincidence that they look just like the pops themselves.ha. 

Don't you love the sweet soft colors of Easter? 

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  1. Super cute idea! I love them :-)

    Aimee @

  2. These are insanely cute!!!!! Love them.

  3. Very cute--I think my daughter might want to make them with her friends!

  4. These are seriously the cutest things ever!

  5. This is the most adorable Rice Krispi creation I have ever seen!

  6. Oh, my word! Those are THE cutest rice krispie treats ever! Love the little star feet!

  7. What a beautiful blog you have! Love this fun little treat, pinning!

  8. These are so, so cute. Love them.

  9. You say these are rice krispie treats but they are round. Do you make the regular recipe but form them into a ball? I've never seen round rice krispie treats before. You also say the beaks are mini chocolate chips but they are orange. Where do you get colored ones? I've only seen brown.

  10. Forgot to say how much I loved them! They are so adorable! I may have to make some to decorate my house with. I too love Easter colors because my favorite color is yellow and you sure see plenty of it at Easter time, although I try to wear that color all year long.

  11. Completely adorable. My kids would have a heyday with these little guys! Thank you so much for the fun idea!

  12. A little direction for us craft challenged ladies please. Is the chocolate white and did you get the pastel colors with dye? I've never seen orange mini chocolate chips or dye in those colors. Sources, please!!

  13. These are too cute for words!! I saw something similar on a magazine cover and I think they used donut holes. But these are over the top! The little blue birds are equally adorable.


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