Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Crepe Peony Tutorial

I have been playing with paper again and creating pretty little flowers. 
No rhyme or reason...just my tulips were looking a little lonely and because...

...I ran into this photo in my inspiration folder last week.
 This photo was posted last year on one of my favourite sites

I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could make a flower
 similar to the one pictured above. I think it's pretty close,
don't you?  I like the way the stamen looks pretty realistic.
I wanted to make variations of peonies and after some trial and error.
I finally figured out how to make this pretty little one as well. I think this
one is my favourite, perhaps because it took me the longest to figure out.
Clearly, I was over-thinking it as I failed to realize I had
used the method several times before.  I will share the
tutorial of this particular flower later in another post.
I wanted to have varying shades of pinks, yellows and oranges,
 so I decided to dye white crepe paper instead of using the already
colored paper.  On my previous attempts to make crepe flowers,
 I used watercolor and a more complex method (see it here).

What I did this time is much faster and yields similar results.

So let's get started...

Crepe Peony Tutorial

White crepe paper
Yellow and Red food coloring
Microwave safe plate
Floral wire
Floral tape
Hot glue gun or quick drying glue
Yellow embroidery thread
Double sided tape

1. Add food coloring to a deep dish full of water. I used three drops of red and two drops of yellow for the outer petals and three drops of yellow and one drop of red for the inner petals.  Experiment with the amount of food coloring to achieve the look you want.
2. Cut a 4"x4" square of crepe paper across all the folded layers and dip into the food coloring mixture. Make sure that the color penetrates through all the layers.
3. Allow paper to drip dry for a couple of minutes. I simply hang the paper off the side of the bowl.
4. Place paper on a microwave safe dish and heat for 30-40 seconds at a time (time for drying will vary according to thickness of paper and make of microwave).  Please make sure you monitor the drying process and do not exceed more than 40 seconds at a time. The paper will burn in the centre if left in the microwave for too long.
5. Once paper is dry, cut several petals at once (not pictured) making sure the grain runs with height. 
6. Sculpt petals using cupping technique. You do this by holding either side of a petal with your thumbs and forefingers. Slowly stretch the entire width of the petal with both hands, using the thumbs to push into and cup the petal and the forefingers to stretch the paper away from the thumbs. 
7. To make the stamen, wrap the embroidery thread around your middle and index fingers approximately 9 times.
8. Slip thread off fingers and cut top and bottom loop.
9. Tape thread onto double sided tape as shown; set aside.
10. Form a ball from a scrap piece of crepe paper and wrap with another piece of crepe paper as shown.
11. Insert floral wire in the centre and tape around with floral tape.
12. Take the double sided tape and thread and tape around stamen.
13. With glue gun or quick drying glue, start gluing petals around stamen (I started with the lighter shades of yellow).
14. Continue with the pink petals and glue all around until desired size is achieved.

These put a smile on my face...:) 

I hope they do the same for you! 

Thank you so much for taking time to visit. 
If you have any questions about the tutorial, please leave
 a comment and I'll answer within the comment section
 in case someone else has the same question.

Have a great day!

much love,

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  1. Lucy thank you so much for the tutorial. I think your flowers look great.
    Hugs Kay

  2. They look so real! Maybe I can give this a try. I love them!


  3. So darn cute! I think I might have to try too!

  4. Wow Lucy! they are beautiful and so real looking.

  5. These are beautiful. Have you ever thought of doing video tutorials? I know it would help me a lot more to be able to see the process! :)

  6. The flowers are beautiful. I agree with Julie I wish you would do a video tutorial. Please think about it.

  7. I saw these in my news feed this morning, I thought beautiful flowers! I was them again in my news feed this afternoon with the heading, make these! What the what, I thought they were real, JUST AMAZING!!!!

  8. So realistic and beautiful. I have been coming over from the DIY party to read your posts. I am a new follower now!

  9. These are so pretty! I love them - stumbled on your blog via Craftgawker, following you now :)

  10. Lucy, these are beautiful! Can't believe they're not real.

  11. Oh my these are GORGEOUS! I adore these!


  13. Lucy, these are stunningly realistic looking. I just bought two books on making crepe paper flowers and I can't wait to give it a try.

    Your petals here are so pretty and delicate, I hope I can get mine to look half as good.

    Always a pleasure to see your lovely projects and get inspired.

    Have a great week and happy spring!


  14. These are beautiful! I'm adding them to my "to make" list. Amazing!

  15. Oh, these paper flowers are gorgeous! They look like real! Loving them!
    Fulham Carpet Cleaners

  16. These are absolutely gorgeous! I love them and will be trying to make some of my own.
    love and blessings from your newest follower~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  17. These flowers are absolutely lovely ^_^

  18. They are so STUNNING Lucy. I am always so amazed by your talent. Wow!

  19. I love peony! Thank you! ^_^

  20. Holy Toledo! These are incredibly beautiful! And they look so REAL! Gorgeous work. Love them. Linda @ www.paperseedlings.com

  21. You never cease to amaze or inspire me. I am linking to this beautiful post on WeeFolkArt.com's Facebook page. Thank you for sharing so much with us.

  22. These are absolutely stunning!!!!!My favourite,favourite flowers.So pleased I happened upon your blog x.

  23. It's a great tutorial but how did you do the more tightly Cupped flower? Thank you rebeccacell@gmail.com

  24. Hi! I loved this so much I'm thinking about doing this as center pieces for my wedding!!! Could you share how to make the little flowers too??? And if you have any other DIY flower project, I would ABSOLUTELY appreciate it!

    Thank you!!!!!


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