Whipped cream hearts for your little Valentine

Hello friends ! I hope you have been keeping well. I have been trying to get back into the groove of blogging. Unfortunately for me, as everyone else is ready to take over the blogging world, the new year usually has the opposite effect with my creativity. I suddenly feel needless pressure to keep up and I go BLANK.  

I have found that when I go into these crazy little lapses of creativity, the best thing for me to do is let it go and focus on my family and our home. So I have been doing a little decluttering and have every intention of tackling every closet in this house a little a time.  It might take a while, because my mind tends to wonder and suddenly I find myself cleaning another part of the house. Does that ever happen to you? 

  I have also been intentional about spending time with the kiddies and getting to know them a little better. Telling them about what I admire most about of them. What I have learned from them and how each of them forms that perfect piece of the puzzle called, our family.  It’s no secret that being a parent is the most difficult job of all and as our kiddies grow older, hubby and I are quickly realizing that the journey so far has been easy. With a newly turned teen boy, we can already see small glimpses of what’s to come. But I truly believe that if you put God as the centre of your home, then everything else will fall into place. I’m not naive to think there won’t be problems along the way, but to know that the beautiful lighthouse is always there to guide us home gives me peace of mind and fills me with HOPE. 

I wanted to give the kiddies a little treat for after school so
 I prepared these yummy whipped cream hearts ahead of time to put in their hot cocoa. 

I am not a culinary master by any means, so store bought whipping cream is what I used to make these beautiful little hearts.

2 cups of whipped cream
1/2 cup of water
food coloring (optional)

Prepare cream as per instructions in package
Add food coloring if desired
Add 1/2 cup of water or a little less and gently stir. (The water helps with the freezing process)
Pour cream mixture onto a shallow pan that has been line with parchment paper.
Freeze for 1-2 hours

Once frozen remove from pan and cut out any shape you would like, place in hot cocoa and enjoy! 

You can also make these with whipped ice cream by following the same procedure or even add different flavours to the whipped cream. It’s so easy to make and your little Valentine will love it ! 

Speaking of Valentine’s, I also wanted to let you know that the beautiful Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carrol Magazine is out and as usual, it’s gorgeous. 

It’s filled with so many beautiful ideas to inspire you for the new year ! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by! I hope to see you later on tonight at The Inspiration Gallery.

See you soon ! much love,
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  1. says

    these are great. will have to try. thank you for the update on CEL, i really enjoy and hadn’t checked my ipad for an update. on the other items in your post: i think as bloggers, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves with the sheer amount of social media to be all-inspiring but the truth is we started our blogs to share ourselves and homes with the world. we pushed publish for ourselves. i would much rather read posts from you or anyone when they are ready instead of the million filler posts in between about buying plywood at lowes or how to make a light fixture out of frogtape etc. your loyal readers aren’t going anywhere as we love you/your blog for you, not the frequency of your posting.
    have a fantastic bit warmer day :)

  2. says

    But real whipped cream is just double cream, or what it’s called over the seas (cream that has about 36-40 percent fat) that’s whisked (by hand or machine) until it forms peaks. I bet it’s easier and less culinary demanding than out of a packet! :)

  3. says


    Somewhere along the road I used a heart shaped cookie cutter to make a heart on the center of my kids pb&j sandwiches one day. I haven’t done it every time since but there have been times when my daughter will say, “Mom, will you put a heart in our sandwiches again? You know, like you did that one time to show us that you love us.” My heart melts every time. What a cute idea you have here…totally pinning!


  4. says

    I’m currently drinking out of the same mug as we speak. :) Dollarama? If so – it’s the best deal on a cute mug I’ve ever gotten! I also got a red one with a Christmas-sweater dear print on it as well. Super cute hearts.. I’m thinking Valentine’s day. :)
    Brandi @ Nest of Bliss

  5. says

    I don’t think I’ve posted on here yet, but I’ve been following your blog and instagram for a little while now, and I just wanted to say that even if you don’t feel very creative lately, you inspire me every time I peek here :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Sarah says

    You sound like someone worthwhile to follow! Keep up the very inspiring posts! I’m new to your site but have already saved so many of your cute ideas! :)

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